February Feature #5: Extended Love

EricTapper Featured Comics • Feb 18, 2021

The SEASON of LOVE is still going strong here on GlobalComix. Here we've got 5 more comics to keep the good feels going through the weekend! We have all kinds of love in this feature, long term love, a mother's love, blooming love and angsty romance, so let's dig in!

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1. The Love Story, Samantha Canela, (cc/ @samanthacanela)

Sassa , the second-born daughter of the reigning Monarch of Malaui, a country in Alkebulan, lives her day to day life with her overachieving sisters: Anaya and Bianca. One day, while the Phiri's attend a ball signifying an alliance between Alkeluban and Amerigo, Sassa meets a mysterious young man. He's handsome, charming and cool yet distant - she wants to get to know him more.

Story and Art by Samantha Canela

2. (GL) Us Right Now, Yurine Seventeen, (cc/ @yurineseventeen)

The little drama that happens when your girlfriend decides to run away from home. (Read from right to left).

Story and Art by Yurine Seventeen

3. Not my cupid, Popartour Comics studio, (cc/ @-21)

Pineapple Duck -a real person- hopes to have a quiet senior year in Essengraf college. But unbeknown to her, destiny has other plans for her.

Story and Art by Popartour Comics studio

4. Mythics, Mythoverse Comics, (cc/ @MythoverseComics)

Elthia Fletcher is a newly instated member of The Mythic Order, an ancient order based in the spirit realm. They have been protecting humanity from the shadows, carefully avoiding The Order of the Carolingian Cross while doing so, for magic is under their strict regulatory control.

Nonetheless, the Mythics work to maintain the balance between our world and the spirit realm.

Story and Art by Mythoverse Comics

5. Nightmare Soul, NS_Comic, (cc/ @nscomic)

Cho's whole world was dying. He was dying. Gabriel's soul had been missing pieces for eight years, so why is everything bad happening now? Can Cho save him before this nightmare consumes everything she loves?

Story and Art by AdriDaHen and WrightTier

That's our loveboat show for the week! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

You know who else deserves love? OUR CREATORS of course! Please let them know you love their work by reading, sharing or commenting on their work. If you want the Full list for February, you can find it here!

- Team GlobalComix

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nscomic 5 days ago

Thank you for the feature! I hope everyone gets the chance to read the other amazing comics!