November Features #7: Warm Feelings

AhkwardKat Featured Comics • Nov 26, 2020

The holiday season is right around the corner and our first winter holiday is here! These stories all remind us of different things to be thankful for and fill us with those good feelings. Family, friends, dreams, adventures, it all matters and we need to remember how lucky we are. We have a heaping feast of comics, a full double helping in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful holiday everyone and enjoy our comics full of Warm Feelings!

1. De-Aged, SnowyWorks, (cc/ @snowyworks)

Jerry is an elderly man dumped off at a nursing home. Alone, suffering from cancer, and short on life, he takes a chance with a doctor offering him a miracle, experimental treatment. It goes... almost TOO well and Jerry gets more than he bargained for. Perhaps he will be thankful for his new lease on life.

Story & Letters: Drew D. Lenhart
Pencils & Inks: Louie Escauriaga
Colors: Jerry Lucas

2. Offtask, Alin Laphel, (cc/ @alaphel)

Remi and Aine are like many of us, dreams full of making a graphic novel of our own. I'm sure you can relate, but life happens to many of us, we get busy with work. With Remi, it's just that. She has a job and Aine lounges around... reminding Remi of their promise to make a graphic novel! Suddenly, Aine's life changes and now she has to work on it! Good luck girls! Remember to be thankful for your dreams and pursue them to the ends of the Earth!

Story and Art by Alin Laphel

3. Tim Town , Caroline Foley, (cc/ @tuffwaffles)

Tim just wants his dang socks, his BEST PRESENT EVER. After giving them away to a friend in his time of need, he goes on search for new socks, stealing socks, buying socks (or trying to). He's just having a rough time on his adventures. Sometimes we only crave what we don't have, and Tim is bound and determined through all of his adventures to never give up! Such passion, such drive, such optimism! Be thankful for what you have and chase those dreams! (and socks, don't forget the socks!)

Story and Art by Caroline Foley

4. 23rd Century Dreamers, 215 Ink, (cc/ @215Ink)

Steve always wanted to be an astronaut, ever since he saw Project Eden while growing up. Becoming an astronaut is astronomical in odds, but now that he's accomplished his dream, his wife is having reservations. What is Steve to do? Follow his dream? Stay on a dying planet for his family? In this situation, what is a person to do and how does one decide the right path? Read on and let us know what you would decide!

Story by Robert Lefebvre
Art by Camilo Ponce
Cover by Ignacio Lazaro

5. Blue Sparkles, Markosia Enterprises, (cc/ @Markosia)

Dances are moments to remember, and the dance between a prince and princess. They are in love and they just want to be together. Will their passion prevail over dark magic, powerful curses and the tricky paths of Dreamland that lead to dangerous traps?

Written by Sissy Pantelis
Art by Vuvore
Edited by Ian Sharman

6. Lil' Hellions, Arcana Comics, (cc/ @ArcanaDigital)

A day at the zoo for a group of kids is no cause for alarm–unless those kids are from the bowels of Hell. Join Jim Reaper, Louie, Lucy and Boog for a trip to the zoo It doesn’t take long for the trip to turn into bedlam, and it’s up to Jim to save the day… that is, if he can control his bowels long enough.

Created and written by Dwight L. MacPherson
Art and Letters by Mathieu Benoit
Colors by Mike Dolce & Jared Cole
Edited by Lauren Perry
Production Assistance by Thomas Mauer

7. An Unfamiliar Path, Merry Fox Comics, (cc/ @bassdrumdreams)

An autobiographical story of Brian and his dad. A touch of family, lifecycles, and learning to cope. A truly personal story.

Brian and Roger Boss

8. Skyline, Khairul Mikhael, (cc/ @kmikhael)

Fueled by inner passions and a need to fulfill an extra-curricular activity, a group of secondary schoolers form an event management team painted with their own unique spin.

Created by Khairul Mikhael

9. Us Right Now, Yurine Seventeen, (cc/ @yurineseventeen)

The little drama that happens when your girlfriend decides to run away from home. Need we say more?

Created by Yurine Seventeen

10. Grok & Grok, Vanja Utne, (cc/ @Vanja)

The adventures of Grok and Grok, two little g̶o̶b̶l̶i̶n̶s o̶r̶c̶s goblorcs who live in a cave under a treestump.

Created by Vanja Utne

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