November Features #6: Clash and Smash

AhkwardKat Featured Comics • Nov 23, 2020

Monday is back with a vengeance and we aren't gonna go down without a fight! These comics are gonna light your fire and get you ready to fight on through the week! We've got your back this week, but remember to spread the love to all our comrades by sharing this!

1. Yi Soon Shin, OK Comics, (cc/ @olkompan)

In the face of war, nothing is off the table. Admiral Yi Soon Shin of the Korean Navy stood against the Invading Japanese forces. Leading his smaller team, the Admiral fights to save Korea when the night is the darkest.

Written by Onrie Kompan and David Anthony Kraft
Edited by David Anthony Kraft and Mort Castle and Len Strazewski
Illustrated by Giovanni Paolo and Adriana De Los Santos and Joel Saavedra

2. The Ignis Quadrant (Kickstarter Preview), EC3D Design, (cc/ @ecarothers)

Montana Bones has seen his fair share of strife and bad days. Mace is a droid with a free-will implant. These two live their days away town until a few uninvited guests change up their town for the worse! This wonderful comic is currently on Kickstarter as well! So please make sure you drop check them out and offer your support! Best of Luck to this wonderful team with all their hard work!

Story and Design by Evan Carothers
Art by Jezreel Rojales
Colors by Mariam Yasser
Cover Colors by Kurt Michael Russel
Editing by Bob Salley
Character Design by Joshua Black
Chapter PG Art by Claudia Cangini

3. Helm Greycastle (Kickstarter Preview), Henry Barajas, (cc/ @henrybarajas )

The last dragon prince has been captured by Montezuma III and now Helm Greycastle and his crew are out to save their prince... however there are doubts. Greycastle has considered joining the resistance. What and who will he choose? Will the prince be saved? You can be part of the amazing story and support these creators on their Kickstarter! Please assist in their quest and offer them your support!

AUTHOR & CO-CREATOR: Henry Barajas
LETTER ARTIST: Gabriela Downie
EDITOR: Claire Napier
Role-Playing Game Author: Tristan J. Tarwater
Role-Playing Game Artist: Jen Vaughn

4. The Last Sheriff, Reckless Hero, (cc/ @RecklessHero )

John H. Wilson is a former Sheriff, emphasis on former. He hasn't given up on fighting for law and order and chasing down criminals. Onward he fights the Corrupt Coalition Regime as the Last Sheriff is this fantastic mix of futuristic and western!

Written by Chris Jenkins, Matthew King, and Chris Imber
Pencils by Chris Imber
Colors by Chris Jenkins
Letters by Chris Jenkins

5. Pixie Dust, Wannabe Press, (cc/ @wannabepress)

What would you do for revenge? Monster-killer Akta is out for blood, but only as long as her body will last! The King Odgeir took her prisoner and poisoned her in order to get her pixie dust. This dust was just what the King needed for his army of super soldiers, and now she has to fight them to get revenge! Things get even more complicated when she realizes that her old monster-killing days are catching up with her and these monsters might not be as bad as they seem.

Written by Russell Nohelty
Art by Nicolas Touris
Edited by Russell Nohelty

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