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What's Trending: Horrorific Mysteries

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Oct 20, 2022

We've got some questions and we need answers! People have gone missing, rumors of headless monsters taking lives, and rather questionable practitioners of the occult. Can you solve the mysteries of today's What's Trending?

Hexameron, 98 pages - Published by Kel & Dark Comics, (cc/ @Kelheor)

You thought the campfire legends were not real? Well, you were wrong! -- Story by Darkstrong | Art by Kelheor

Story and Art by Kel & Dark Comics



Silently, 141 pages - Published by Hugi, (cc/ @Hugi)

Two women struggle to survive in a strange monster filled world.

Story and Art by Hugi



Love Letter, 59 pages - Published by Bevs Boredom, (cc/ @Bevscomics)

Instead of just gushing over the main character to the next rom-com movie, Inesa has finally decided to take romance into her own hands. What's more romantic than writing a letter confessing your love to your crush? All she has to do is make it to her last class of the day, how hard can that be?

Story and Art by Bevs Boredom



Halloween Team, 23 pages - Published by All-New All-Awesome Comics, (cc/ @DannyBaram)

Years ago, five misfit kids banded together to form Halloween Team - a group dedicated to solving mysteries and hunting monsters in the small town of Greenwood, MA. Now, twenty years later, the kids are grown and lead separate lives - until a new mystery brings them together for one more adventure. And that adventure begins with this thrilling four-issue comic book series! If you're a fan of Stranger Things, Paper Girls, Buffy, or just love Halloween - you won't want to miss this!

Story and Art by Danny Baram and Matt Shults



Sleepy Hollow, 10 pages - Published by Ronin Manga, (cc/ @theeevilmonkey)

A retelling of the classic horror tale, Sleepy Hollow.

Story and Art by Ronin Manga



Decay, 60 pages - Published by Fire Ant Ent, (cc/ @stokesthewriter)

A supernatural revenge thriller that will keep audiences guessing and rip your heart out. Fans of horror with a mystery will love "Decay".

Story and Art by Fire Ant Ent