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Popular Last Week: A Pirate's Life!

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Sep 19, 2022

🏴‍☠️ This be the gold we've been lookin' fer! We gentlemen o' fortune 'ave taken o'er the featured comics list! Make us 'appy by readin' these popularrr series from last week! Afterwards, we might give them aft to ye!

1. Unluckies, 529 pages - Published by Neon Hell, (cc/ @Peachy-Keene)

Magical girl Lilyfeather escapes an arranged marriage by joining a crew of pirate hunters in this high-seas tale of love, luck, and zombies!

Story and Art by Neon Hell



2. The Very Gay Adventures, 152 pages - Published by Very Gay Comics, (cc/ @RavenAndLily)

A daily comic that follows the comedic adventures of two WLW lovers. Tracy, pirate otter is tough on the outside with a soft, nougatey heart. Snickerdoodle is a silly ferret bard who wants to make everyone happy! Each day they have is logged in the upper right. It's a journey of romance, comedy, and growth as they travel their wide world, making friends and enemies along the way!

Story and Art by Lily R. Page and Raven Shepherd



3. Crown & Anchor, 90 pages - Published by Toben & Alaire Racicot, (cc/ @shiningcapella)

After accidentally acquiring an ancient relic dating back to the creation of the world, political and spiritual forces pressure seven pirates to quickly restore & reshape Aventus before it returns to ruin.

Story and Art by Toben & Alaire Racicot



4. The Portland Express, 350 pages - Published by 2080, (cc/ @rwilbanks)

This is the story of Nails, a former marine turned mobster, sold to a pirate and followed by his ghosts across the world during the Great Depression.

Story and Art by 2080



5. Flabbergast!, 217 pages - Published by K0yfish, (cc/ @k0yfish)

Loosely based off a homebrew DND campaign, An unlikely group of adventurers find themselves as a part of a pirate crew. The four of them must learn how to get along and fight alongside each other against an array of enemies and creatures. This comic occasionally contains violence and mature themes.

Story and Art by K0yfish



6. Solar Tides, 24 pages - Published by Lumo Station LLC, (cc/ @lumostation)

SOLAR TIDES chronicles the adventures of Kass Kidd, the young pirate captain of the corsair Luna, a small pirate ship sailing through the High Seas of space. With her faithful crew beside her, Kass must prove that she’s not to be underestimated. Together with her crew, Kass embarks on the adventure of a lifetime as battles dangerous enemies and encounters deadly space dwelling creatures. It’s classic pirate swashbuckling, with an added dash of Steampunk, and lots of thrilling space adventures!

Story and Art by Lumo Station LLC