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What's Trending: Fresh LGBTQ+

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Sep 15, 2022

We've got some never-featured and recently updated LGBTQ+ titles today. Going beyond just friendship or romance, these titles add a little action, elemental chemistry, galactic space travel, super-humans, and Appalachian cryptids! There's so much to discover in today's What's Trending, featuring:

1. Vindicaris, 549 pages - Published by Serpyra, (cc/ @serpyra)

Vindicaris is a scifi/action comic about Periodica: soldiers of the Periodic Elements. The story follows Ces and Sel: two rogue Periodica on their quest for revenge against their own creators. Along the way, they must combat gangs, other Periodica, and their own moral conflicts. Series contains violent content! Reader discretion advised.

Story and Art by Serpyra



2. Omega Elixir, 120 pages - Published by KatrinaComics, (cc/ @katrinacomics)

[ BL / Omegaverse. Action/Drama/Romance. ] A dangerous new drug is spreading through the city while the underground fights over it’s production and expanding turf. Brandon, a student at an elite finishing school for Omegas, is key to the new drug while undergoing secret testing. After Brandon is rescued during an attack on his school how will he react to the Alphas he meets and who can he trust when everyone is not who they seem…including himself. Follow on Instagram for behind the scenes stuff: @katrinacomics AND

Story and Art by KatrinaComics



3. Myriad Voyages, 282 pages - Published by Demydot, (cc/ @Demydot)

The Voyager's Guild, an organization of mercenaries, has helped keep order within the Third Galaxy ever since it was left in ruins. Mara and Jade, two young and determined girls, aspire to join as members. While they reconnect throughout their shared adventures in Senia, the last habitable planet, one tries to make ends meet while the other tries to find her own path. As they venture through the stars, a conspiracy that has travelled across galaxies and dimensions slowly begins to threaten them and everyone they care about.

Story and Art by Demydot



4. Fear the Superhumans, 361 pages - Published by Meeplord Comics, (cc/ @Meeplord2017)

1970... We follow a teenager by the name of Gregory Dickson, his rage leads him down a path of justice as he sees fit through means of his superhuman abilities. It leads down a rabbit hole that is too dangerous for others to tread. He feels obligated to protect his city, even if they don't return the favor, all leading down and stemming from one thing. Fear....

Story and Art by Meeplord Comics



5. Lonely Child, 130 pages - Published by Muqbelle, (cc/ @muqbelle)

'Loneliness is something that slowly lures you into its deepness...', but for Haechi, it's his daily companion. After hiding from the outside world for more than two centuries, Haechi decides to turn his sad, never-ending life around and start over. Who would have thought that such a change of heart means that he is finally able to see his Hyung again - or the reincarnated version of him.

Story and Art by Muqbelle



6. Wanderlust, 91 pages - Published by Cryptid Shadows, (cc/ @CryptidShadows)

Sophie, a young woman embarking on the first leg of her independent life, finds herself falling for her quiet and reserved coworker, Ace. While lost in thought deep within the Appalachian mountains, Ace finds himself forced to confront his inner demons as they manifest themselves in the form of something he can no longer hide. Story and lines by Jay Miller, color by Peri Pendrake.

Story and Art by Cryptid Shadows