July Feature #4: New on GlobalComix

Kevin Featured Comics • Jul 16, 2021


The folks at Graphic Policy and 3 Million Years do great weekly recaps of new comics available here on GlobalComix, but we've had a such a large influx of new series recently that we wanted to highlight some of them as well. This is just a small sampling of the fantastic stories arriving every week, so be sure to browse all of the comics available to discover your next favorites.

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1. Killtopia, 181 pages - Published by BHP Comics, (cc/ @bhpcomics)

Killtopia is set in future Japan, and follows a salvage hunter called Shinji and his robot sidekick, Crash. Once word gets out that Crash holds the secret to curing a deadly nano-virus that’s killed millions around the world, every bounty hunter and Yakuza thug for 1000 city blocks joins the hunt for our heroes. Can they survive the night and change the course of humanity forever?

Story and Art by Craig Paton and Dave Cook Mr.



2. Sidekick for Hire, 88 pages - Published by Kristian Herrera, (cc/ @kristianherrera)

Leonardo Moss wants to be a real life superhero more than anything else in this world, but the only superheroes are the ones in comics and movies. Thanks to the sudden surge of popularity, masked crime fighters have begun to emerge all around the world. Most of them are people who have too much money and time on their hands. Leo has neither. So he decides to do the next logical thing: Get hired.

Story and Art by Kristian Herrera, Rick Alves, Toben Racicot, Veronica Saraceno, Winston Gambro



3. The New Amsterdam Game, 5 pages - Published by Paul Axel, (cc/ @paulaxel)

Story and Art by Paul Axel



4. The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast, 23 pages - Published by Cloudwrangler Comics, (cc/ @jrider)

Lark Laraar is the activist owner of the hottest cocktail bar in San Francisco, and her new employee just learned her deepest secret: she’s also a sorceress whose drinks are literally magic! Check out the award winning urban fantasy series today!

Story and Art by Cloudwrangler Comics



5. Robo, 24 pages - Published by Moosecat Comics, (cc/ @jkeppler)

In a future where society has broken down and reformed itself, corporations have replaced governments, robots have replaced human labor and even the human mind is commoditized. NeuChicago is home to Robo, Public Outreach and Defense Liaison of Sunburst Inc, a defense and weapons technology company based there.

Story and Art by Moosecat Comics