July Feature #1: Crowdfunding Comics

Kevin Featured Comics • Jul 1, 2021


We're going to kick this month off right by taking a look at some of the comics running crowdfunding campaigns. We've featured some of them in the past, but there are two new entries as well. We highly recommend checking out all four of the campaigns -- they're all great stories created by even greater teams.

Feel free to share any campaigns you've found in the comments, and for the creators out there, take a look at this video by @EricTapper to learn how you can set up your campaign on GlobalComix. It will allow readers to discover your campaign easily on the browse comics page.



1. Theatrics, 138 pages - Published by TPub, (cc/ @stacitpub)

Theatrics follows the story of fallen-heartthrob Rudy Burns. Set in 1920s New York, it follows Rudy as he goes from the glimmer and glitz of Broadway to the down and dirty gyms of the emerging boxing culture of early 20th century America. But what would cause the world's biggest theater star to give up the star-lit stage for the blood-stained one?

Story and Art by TPub



2. Hot Brass, Pharaoh's Gold, 36 pages - Published by Unlikely Heroes Studios, (cc/ @UHStudios)

Somewhere outside of Bakersfield, 1919: The Dell Boys Gang rob a train full of ancient Egyptian treasures, but get way more than they bargained for when they awaken the mummified remains of an evil Pharaoh and his army!

Story and Art by Joe Koz, John Pence, Will Pence



3. The Polar Paradox, 27 pages - Published by Frank Martin, (cc/ @FrankMartin)

Antarctica. One of the last frontiers in the world. And that's just above the surface. Deep below the ocean ice is an unexplored alien world unlike anywhere else on the planet. It's a place so incredible no scientist could resist...until a research team goes missing and a trio of elite divers are sent in to rescue them. Their mission is dangerous and will uncover a mystery that could change Earth.

Story and Art by Frank Martin



4. The Lump Sum Saga, 19 pages - Published by The Lump Sum Saga, (cc/ @gtjosvold)

Two species; one mission - to plant a landing beacon that will guide the fleet to a rallying point on a new world full of hope and opportunity. The Commander and her crew soon discover that “habitable” is a biological two-edged sword. Prologue: Only the Fate of Our World introduces The Lump Sum Saga. It’s Redwall meets The Martian with a Twilight Zone twist.

Story and Art by Greg Tjosvold, Josh Jensen, Lewelin Polanco, Nikolai Fomich, Paul Allor, Sean Rinehart, Sergi Domènech