July Feature #3: Apocalypse... Al?

Kevin Featured Comics • Jul 13, 2021


When growing up, there were a few things that I considered hobbies. Collecting comic books and baseball cards were two of them, playing baseball and basketball another pair, and then there was watching wrestling. My friends and I made a ritual of watching WCW and WWE (they were known as WWF back then) every time it was on TV. One of my favorites was none other than Al Snow. He was a little bit of crazy coupled with a batch of hilarious, and was a pretty good wrestler to boot.

So when I started to think of a theme for today's feature, Broken Icon Comics made is super easy. Take a pinch of digital comics, a dash of Al Snow (and Head!), then toss in the apocalypse and we've got a recipe for awesome.

These five comics prove that there are plenty of ways to imagine post-apocalyptic life. What's your favorite setting? Let us know in the comments!



1. The Ballad of Al Snow and Head, 44 pages - Published by Broken Icon Comics, (cc/ @BIC)

Featuring former WWE Superstar and wrestling icon, Al Snow. The Ballad of Al Snow and Head is a blend of action, comedy, and parody, making this a tale unlike any other. Al is the hero that no one asked for, and just can't seem to get rid of. Why adventure through Al's insanity in the ring, or even the real world? Buckle up for a different kind of journey, into a different kind of min

Story and Art by Broken Icon Comics



2. TERRITORY, 37 pages - Published by Blake McCarthy, (cc/ @BMcComics)

A post apocalyptic kaiju series set in a far distant Pacific Northwest after an unknown man made disaster. The remaining humans live in tribes and worship the massive Behemoths as gods! Alkia and her tribe worship the Greathorn, but her faith in the beast and the people around her are tested as she learns about the real monsters in the world.

Story and Art by Blake McCarthy, Chris Sassman, Ichsan Ansori, Marco Della Verde



3. The Cycle, 23 pages - Published by Wayward Raven, (cc/ @WaywardRaven)

One Shot! The universe is dying, collapsing in upon itself. The last two sentient beings in the cosmos arrive just in time to observe the final stages of its demise. What if there is more here than entropy and decay? What if there remains a spark of creation? What if they can halt the seemingly inevitable collapse of all existence? A daunting task indeed for two mere humans...

Story and Art by Wayward Raven



4. Long Gone, 97 pages - Published by Markosia Enterprises, (cc/ @Markosia)

“The Meek Shall Not Inherit the Earth”. When the world’s superhumans band together to wipe out all of humanity, only old Abraham Connelly survives. Armed with experimental weaponry and a heart full of rage, Abe goes on a suicide mission to take down as many of the superhuman monsters as he can before they get him.

Story and Art by Mark Bertolini and Ted Pogorzelski



5. Victory, 32 pages - Published by Tenth Circle Comics, (cc/ @TenthCircleComics)

Hell's Sink, once a festering cesspool of monstrosities, has petered out to a trickle. Now, the remaining military presence of Nations United is lucky to catch a drop of action. Humiliated, the grotesque presence that has forever lurked in humanity's shadow has decided on an all-or-nothing gamble to rekindle the snuffed out apocalypse.

Story and Art by Tenth Circle Comics