June Feature #7: Capers and Vigilantes

Kevin Featured Comics • Jun 24, 2021


When we think about crime stories, there's a wide range of eras that are popular to focus on. We've picked out five capers that fall within that spectrum, going all the way back to the 1950s with a vigilante tale, moving through the 80s with two stories and capping off with a series set in 1999. There's also a story of a retiring detective with one last case, and it's one he never hoped to see.

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1. Moon Girl, 144 pages - Published by Red 5 Comics, (cc/ @joshuastarnes)

Masked vigilantes wage class warfare from the roof tops of 1950's New York; it's The Dark Knight meets Mad Men. Clare is an exiled Russian Princess hiding in New York. When enemies from her old life resurface, the repressed Warrior Queen must fight back. Moon Girl becomes a champion of the counter culture and inspires others in this era of social revolution to be more-than-human...

Story and Art by Rahzzah and Tony Trov



2. Dead End Kids, 174 pages - Published by Source Point Press, (cc/ @TravisM)

It's 1999. Ben, Murphy, Tank, and Amanda are four screwed-up kids from broken homes... but they have had each other. When Ben is murdered, Murphy and his friends set out to find who killed him and find themselves in the cross-hairs! Dead End Kids is a dark coming-of-age murder mystery set in the '90s, from the creative team behind 2018's critically acclaimed Grief.

Story and Art by Criss Madd, Frank Gogol, Nenad Cviticanin, Paul Allor, Sean Rinehart



3. Dry Foot, 32 pages - Published by Mad Cave Studios, (cc/ @chrisfernandez)

Set in Miami during its most dangerous and decadent decade, the 1980s, this coming-of-age tale follows four teens desperate to escape the drugs and violence of the city. Together, they plot a heist to steal large sums of cash from the most dangerous gang on Calle Ocho, Los Marielitos. Dry Foot is a fearless story infused with Hispanic culture that deals with friendship, family, and sacrifice.

Story and Art by Jarred Lujan, Justin Birch, Orlando Caicedo, Warnia K. Sahadewa



4. FALLEN, 84 pages - Published by Bad Beaver Comics, (cc/ @badbeavercomics)

What if gods existed in 1980's New York City? What if someone was hunting them?

Story and Art by Bad Beaver Comics



5. The Last Homicide, 28 pages - Published by Frank Martin, (cc/ @FrankMartin)

On the eve of his retirement, Detective Wilmer catches a case he never hoped to see: the murder of a mob boss' son. In a city founded on corruption, the police have little authority to stop the crime plaguing their streets, but this one murder has the potential to tip escalating gang tensions into all out war.

Story and Art by Frank Martin