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June Feature #4: Tales of Yore

Kevin Featured Comics • Jun 14, 2021


For June's fourth feature we wanted to take a look at stories that reflect on moments from the past. We've featured plenty of modern day comics and stories based in the future, so we thought it was a good time to hone in on tales of yore. The five comics picked out include both fictional and historial stories. Some of them even put a new spin on well-known tales from folklore.

Let us know your favorites in the comments, and be sure to hit the 'Like' button on the comics you enjoy so you get updates on new issues.



1. White Lily, 159 pages - Published by Pocket Jacks Comics, (cc/ @ppoulter)

The White Lily® trade paperback tells the historical story of the two deadliest female fighter pilots who ever lived.

Story and Art by Pocket Jacks Comics



2. A Christmas Carol, 73 pages - Published by Markosia Enterprises, (cc/ @Markosia)

From Stephen L. Stern, writer of Markosia’s masterful Beowulf Graphic Novel, and acclaimed artist Douglas A. Sirois, comes this superb full-color adaptation of Dickens’ timeless classic. Sacrificing none of Dickens’ rich language and filled with cinematic artwork, A Christmas Carol is a wonderfully faithful adaptation of the quintessential Christmas story.

Story and Art by Markosia Enterprises



3. Nottingham, 32 pages - Published by Mad Cave Studios, (cc/ @chrisfernandez)

In this twisted medieval noir, the Sheriff of Nottingham hunts a serial killer with a penchant for tax collectors. The Sheriff’s investigation makes him the target of England’s most nefarious power-brokers. That’s to say nothing of the Merry Men, terrorists lurking amongst the trees of Sherwood, led by an enigma known only as “Hood.”

Story and Art by David Hazan, Joamette Gil, Luca Romano, Shane Connery Volk



4. The Orphan King, 49 pages - Published by A Wave Blue World, (cc/ @tyler)

Prince Kaidan, born to inherit the throne, is set to complete his secret training with his aunt, the magical Lady Taleissa when tragedy strikes. He returns home to find his parents missing and his kingdom destroyed, along with everything he’d ever hoped and dreamed. A fresh retelling of the King Arthur myth, THE ORPHAN KING upends the concept of birthright in a magical coming-of-age adventure

Story and Art by A Wave Blue World



5. Vincent Price Presents, 1518 pages - Published by TidalWave Productions, (cc/ @ddavis)

This new collection of classic gothic horror stories featuring the master of horror in classic black and white like it was meant to be seen! Be afraid!

Story and Art by Darren G. Davis and Rod Fontana