June Feature #6: Antarctic Press

Kevin Featured Comics • Jun 21, 2021


At the end of last week a massive selection of new series and issues from Antarctic Press were added to their growing library here on GlobalComix. With that in mind, we wanted to highlight five of them to help get you started.

Many of these series have free issues to read, but you can access all of them, plus thousands of other comics, with unlimited reading for as low as $1.99 with your first month of GlobalComix Gold.



1. Steampunk Halloween, 64 pages - Published by Antarctic Press, (cc/ @JDunn)

Even on All Hallows' Eve, ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties stand no chance against intrepid heroes and explorers armed with the latest steam-driven technology...or do they? Will phantoms of phlogiston fall before the stalwarts of steam, or will they be bold enough to best the brass and glass?

Story and Art by David Hutchison, Fred Perry, Rod Espinosa



2. RoboCopper, 28 pages - Published by Antarctic Press, (cc/ @JDunn)

When a 12-year-old boy is kidnapped by a rogue automaton, London's finest brass-bound arm of the law, RoboCopper, and his partner must bring the robot to justice and save the child. But as the case progresses, they uncover lies and corruption within one of London's most powerful organizations! This gritty, action-packed one-shot combines police drama and sci-fi thrills in a retro-futuristic...

Story and Art by David Hutchison and Marshall Naylor



3. Oz: The Manga, 281 pages - Published by Antarctic Press, (cc/ @JDunn)

From the mind of Dragon Arms and Junction 17 creator David Hutchison comes this remarkable re-imagining of L. Frank Baum's timeless classic. Dorothy longs for something more than the gray plains of Kansas, but when her wish is granted, she gets both her fondest dreams and her worst nightmares! With stunning art by fan-favorite David Hutchison, this fantasy adventure of Harry Potter caliber is...

Story and Art by David Hutchison and L. Frank Baum



4. Sherlock Holmes: Steam Detective, 107 pages - Published by Antarctic Press, (cc/ @JDunn)

All about London and the surrounding lands, dastardly and/or desperate men misuse and abuse the steam-powered technological marvels of the 19th century to deceive, defraud, or even dispatch their fellow Britons. It's up to the dashing detective of 221B Baker Street and his stalwart companion to fire up their gears, both physical and mental, to outwit the villains and save the day!

Story and Art by David Hutchison and Robby Bevard



5. Steam Wars, 280 pages - Published by Antarctic Press, (cc/ @JDunn)

By Fred Perry (Gold Digger.) A not so long ago, in a galaxy relatively close by began an epic struggle on a world seized in the grip of an evil Victorian empire, the Hegemonic Crux. Only a ragged alliance of rebels oppose the emperor and his black guard, but hope is fading. While fleeing from the steam-driven war machines of her imperial pursuers, Duchess Imoen stumbles across the home of the...

Story and Art by Fred Perry, Joseph Wight, Robby Bevard