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Learn How to Market Your Comic This Spring!

gamalhennessy Community • Apr 27, 2021

One of the things that sets GlobalComix apart from the competition is our commitment to creator development. We strive to educate, inform and support comic book creators at every level through our educational blogs, webinars, and consultation sessions. We plan to continue this service to our community this spring with a special in-depth marketing analysis.

Last fall, we introduced the general concepts of digital comic book marketing theory with two comprehensive webinars (Click here to see the video). Now, we plan to apply those ideas to a specific comic and walk you through each step of the process.

This will help you apply sound marketing principles to your own comics and increase your chance for success.

Cloudscape Comics, publisher of the GlobalComix digital exclusive Welcome to Mina’s is partnering with us for this program. Using their anthology comic as our subject, we plan to develop a marketing program over the next few weeks.

First, we’ll identify the ideal reader and the competition for Welcome to Mina’s.

Next, we’ll figure out how to grow the book’s target audience online

Then, we’ll look at some tactics for increasing the interest in Welcome to Mina’s within the target market.

Finally, we’ll join the fine folks at Cloudscape Comics in late May for a webinar discussing how they used all this information to grow their audience.

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