35 Comics of February

Kevin Featured Comics • Feb 28, 2021

February might be the shortest month of the year, but it was jam-packed with exciting updates to stories we love and the debut of series that are on GlobalComix for the first time. We've got everything from fixers, a trip through space, the lighter side of life, and a healthy dose of love. We capped off the month by highlighting some of the great crowdfunding projects that talented creators are currently running.

Here's a recap of the comics we featured during the month. Try unlimited reading for FREE for a week with GlobalComix Gold.

1. Adventures of a System Admin, Bearded Man Comics, (cc/ @Gordidon)

A college dropped out and aspiring system administrator was hired by E.L.Y a research company to protect and confront all type of hackers from exfiltrating valuable information. Everyday there is a hacker with new tricks trying to gain access to the company but JJ is always there to save them.

Story and Art by Adrian Iglesias, Candela Grizutti, Ely Santos, Juan Espinosa, Tchaikovsky Santos

2. Apocrypha, Studio V2, (cc/ @StudioV2)

A roguish youth named Desmonde finds an unlikely opportunity to fulfill his dreams of becoming a great demon hunter.

Accidently appointed to the protection of the naïve prince, Claude, it's through their battles to defend the kingdoms from the forces of Hell he will unlock the truth of his origins, his unnatural abilities and the truth behind the The Apocalypse of Eden.

Story and Art by Studio V2

3. Snorp's Adventure, Markosia Enterprises, (cc/ @Markosia)

Join Snorp and friends on their fun filled adventures through mystical forests to strange and wonderful cities as they journey to fix the broken magical lighthouse. Will Snorp and friends be able to join together to overcome evil or will the planet Glum be cast into darkness forever?

Story and Art by Aaron Moran and Thomas Rogers

4. Afterglow, Space Between Entertainment, (cc/ @patshand)

The Glowing ended the world as we know it, leaving the survivors with an Earth painted with dangerous, glowing colors. Now, a girl named Lacey discovers her late mother's journal that foretells another apocalyptic event and sets out with her giant mutant cat to save what’s left of the world.

Story and Art by Jim Campbell, K. Lynn Smith, Pat Shand, Shannon Lee

5. We Kill Monsters, Red 5 Comics, (cc/ @joshuastarnes)

Two unassuming auto repair shop owners are thrown into the role of hunters when a giant monster leaps from the shadows and infects Jake's arm. Now requiring "monster juice" to survive, the brothers must become hunters and town-savers as the monster infestation grows. From the creators of SyFy's Lost Room mini-series.

Story and Art by Brian Churilla, Christopher Leone, Laura Harkcom

6. Brute - The Toughest 'Teddy Bear' in the Galaxy, eSq Comics, (cc/ @PrestonS)

Rose is lost in a hostile galaxy trying to get to the home she's never known - Earth. She's accompanied by a fellow wayward soul, the super-strong, diminutive, kind-hearted but short-tempered alien know as Brute!

Story and Art by Brooke Newhart, Owen Keenan, Preston Squire

7. Wonder Duck, Dark Fire Press, (cc/ @jmdarkfire)

As the result of a war in an alien planet, a super battle suit is discharged into space changing the life of one hapless duck and transforming him into a hero called Wonder Duck!

Story and Art by Dark Fire Press

8. Warshiner, Tango Comics, (cc/ @TangoComics)

A science fiction fantasy of a future whereby people of earth and their whiskey has become a sought after commodity in a futuristic era of prohibition in outer space.

Story and Art by Tango Comics

9. Up from the Skies, Unlikely Heroes Studios, (cc/ @UHStudios)

A trippy, dreamy survival tale and interstellar bromance between a spacefaring prince and the ice-age hunter who rescues him.

Story and Art by Unlikely Heroes Studios

10. Moon Girl, The Force Media, (cc/ @omorales81)

A million years ago in outer space... a highly-advanced society of women lives under the surface of the moon. Their peaceful way of living is quietly fracturing from the inside, as political ideologies pit the queen of the moon against a geneticist hell bent on usurping the queen's power.

Story and Art by The Force Media

11. Pizza Boyz, Spencer Scott Holmes, (cc/ @SpencerSHolmes)

When pizza is the driving force of your life, there's Pizza Boyz. When video games become a way of existence, there's Pizza Boyz. When you need a grand laugh after a hard days night, there's Pizza Boyz. When its date night and Mario Kart is the right choice, there's Pizza Boyz. When your favorite flicks always involve dinosaurs, there's Pizza Boyz.

You get the drill.

By Spencer Scott Holmes

Story and Art by Spencer Scott Holmes

12. Toybox Turmoil, Markosia Enterprises, (cc/ @Markosia)

When a young boy settles down for a quiet afternoon playing with his favourite action figures, he has no idea what he is about to set in motion. For while he is simply having fun with a few toys, he is in fact playing God to the lives of flesh and blood characters in another world, pulling their strings and controlling their lives.

Story and Art by Alexander Serra

13. Shugeki Lancer, Tatsunami, (cc/ @OfficialRyu)

After the death of the Japanese pro table tennis player known as the "Piercing Lancer", his younger brother Kyoya Yarizaki decides to follow in his footsteps. Using the ultimate technique passed down from his brother, the Kouraisou, will Kyoya be able to take down the many strong challengers awaiting him?

Story and Art by Tatsunami

14. Little Sally, Little Sally Comics, (cc/ @LittleSallyComics)

Little Sally is the story of a little girl named Sally that comes back from the grave and with the help of her friends Ted and Uni together they take out those that harm children. Get ready for a fun bloody time.

Story and Art by Little Sally Comics

15. Conqueror, Michael Ampao, (cc/ @MichaelAmpao)

Read Left to Right.

A former professional E-sport gamer named Rodrigo Alon has died from an unfortunate accident. when he wakes up, he is in another real world and has a new body of his playing character from the online game. He wants to know the answer is how was he brought to another world and why.

Story and Art by Michael Ampao

16. Natalie and Mysterious Takumi, MediBang Inc., (cc/ @MediBang)

A pure love comedy between a French Otaku Girl and a mysterious Ikemen! When she was still in France, Natalie went through a heartbreak that made her wanted to end her life. Surprisingly, the ray of hope that saved her from despair was that "Mysterious Man" from the country of anime and manga! Determined to live her life to the fullest, she went straight to Japan to become closer to her 2D love!

Story and Art by Yumika Tsuru

17. The Clockwork Girl, Arcana Comics, (cc/ @SeanArcana)

A nameless robot girl has recently been given the gift of life from her creator. While exploring the wonders of an ordinary world, she meets an amazing mutant boy. They share a friendship that must overcome their warring families...

Story and Art by Arcana Comics

18. Anne, Teksu, (cc/ @Teksu)

Anne is shy, stubborn and unsocial. She lives a quiet life at home, where she works as an illustrator. This kind of life gets complicated after a reunion with school friends where she has an unpleasant encounter with the boy who used to bully her.

Story and Art by Teksu

19. Foxy and Wolfy, Foxy and Wolfy Comics, (cc/ @kwindsor)

Story and Art by Foxy and Wolfy Comics

20. Laos Chronicles, Lomcia, (cc/ @lomcia)

Two Elvish kingdoms were to be united by an arranged marriage. However, one of the kingdoms was attacked by monsters (Mepleye). Only one elven survives from the royal family and was saved by a white dragon - Princess Separhin De'la Husky. She is taking refuge from her future husband in Wintergarden.

Story and Art by Lomcia

21. The Love Story, Samantha Canela, (cc/ @samanthacanela)

Sassa , the second-born daughter of the reigning Monarch of Malaui, a country in Alkebulan, lives her day to day life with her overachieving sisters: Anaya and Bianca. One day, while the Phiri's attend a ball signifying an alliance between Alkeluban and Amerigo, Sassa meets a mysterious young man. He's handsome, charming and cool yet distant - she wants to get to know him more but how will their b

Story and Art by Samantha Canela

22. (GL) Us Right Now, Yurine Seventeen, (cc/ @yurineseventeen)

The little drama that happens when your girlfriend decides to run away from home. (Read from right to left).

Story and Art by Yurine Seventeen

23. Not my cupid, Popartour Comics studio, (cc/ @-21)

Pineapple Duck -a real person- hopes to have a quiet senior year in Essengraf college. But unbeknown to her, destiny has other plans for her.

Story and Art by Popartour Comics studio

24. Mythics, Mythoverse Comics, (cc/ @MythoverseComics)

Elthia Fletcher is a newly instated member of The Mythic Order, an ancient order based in the spirit realm. They have been protecting humanity from the shadows,
carefully avoiding The Order of the Carolingian Cross while doing so, for magic
is under their strict regulatory control.

Nonetheless, the Mythics work to maintain the
balance between our world and the spirit realm.

Story and Art by Mythoverse Comics

25. Nightmare Soul, NS_Comic, (cc/ @nscomic)

Cho's whole world was dying. He was dying. Gabriel's soul had been missing pieces for eight years, so why is everything bad happening now? Can Cho save him before this nightmare consumes everything she loves?

Creator WrightTier || Art Assistant theartsyhen || Editor preferablymimi || Icon by

Story and Art by AdriDaHen and WrightTier

26. Abnormal Alliance, David Aragón, (cc/ @DavidAragon95)

Strange times call for strange heroes

Story and Art by David Aragón

27. Offtask, Alin Laphel, (cc/ @alaphel)

Two friends are determined to make a graphic novel and fulfill a dream they had back in high school. Despite being determined, they often find themselves off task and doing an assortment of other things. Will they ever finish their story or is it just a far off dream to move on from?


Story and Art by Alin Laphel

28. World of Fighters, TheJammy98, (cc/ @TheJammy98)

Over 80 million players fight for their dreams in the fast-paced fighting game, World of fighters! Can Crazy Hair Man, an un-ranked player from out of nowhere, take on the veterans who have dedicated their lives to perfecting the game? This is a collection of stories featuring Crazy Hair Man in money matches, tournaments and even a virtual setting! What will happen in this crazy world of fighting

Story and Art by TheJammy98

29. Clownman, Wicked Comics, (cc/ @cfarias1983)

Story and Art by Wicked Comics

30. Tim Town, Caroline Foley, (cc/ @tuffwaffles)

Tim is a fox and nothing is going to get him down! No sir! Except maybe homelessness, gentrification, and... Christmas socks? Follow Tim on his adventures to the moon (questionable), the sewer (obviously) and the 99 cent store (YES!). 

Story and Art by Caroline Foley

31. Ennead: The Rule of Nine, Ennead Comic, (cc/ @enneadcomic)

ENNEAD: THE RULE OF NINE, is epic fantasy, re-envisioned. Explore Amashik looking through the eyes of a burgeoning bounty hunter, a Queen born to lead but raised to abdicate her power, and a King deep in the throes of a decades long war.

Read the first 12 pages of Issue # 1, "Not Too Far From Home."

Story and Art by Ennead Comic

32. THE IGNIS QUADRANT - Novus Landing, EC3D Design, (cc/ @ecarothers)

A rip-roaring space western comic to satisfy your cravings for action and adventure in outer space!

Story and Art by EC3D Design

33. Crow Creek, Freefall Comics, (cc/ @jfreeman)

A horror one-shot comic about a mysterious zombie outbreak unraveling on a Native American reservation.

Story and Art by Alla Kanetsyan, Crizam Zamora, Jason Snyder, John Freeman, Michael Yakutis

34. The Nekros, Soapbox Creative, (cc/ @dcolbert)

Welcome to Awa. A world of fantasy and myth, full of skilled warriors and frightening creatures.

Life is peaceful on Awa. The 7 Heralds watch over the land protecting those who inhabit it and ensuring a good life for all. There is, however, one exception. A demon lurking in the forest casting its shadow on all it touches. One beast feared and hunted. That which they call, The Nekros.

Story and Art by Soapbox Creative

35. The Flock! Rise of the Purple Hood Gang, SP Comics, (cc/ @the-flock-comic)

Story and Art by SP Comics

Let us know your favorites from the month in the comments below, and share any comics you'd like to see featured! Keep an eye out for our first March feature later this week. It's sure to be fit to print.

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