How Do You Prepare For A Crowdfunding Campaign?

gamalhennessy Community • Feb 16, 2021

Last week, we talked about the reasons you should consider a crowdfunding campaign for your comic. This week, I’d like to explore the elements of a campaign and how you can put your book in a position for a successful Kickstarter.

There are resources you’ll need to manage and decisions you’ll have to make before you start your crowdfunding campaign. This checklist will walk you through some of the major things to consider.

Talent Management: Determine who from your comic book team will be able to assist in the campaign. Figure out what their schedule is going to be during the time you plan to crowdfund, and how you are going to compensate them for their work.

Timing: Building a schedule for the campaign that takes the following dynamics into account:
- The launch date of the campaign
- The length of the campaign
- The end date
- The date before the campaign when press releases go out
- The dates during the campaign when social media and email posts go out
- The outside obligations of you and your team
- Any holidays or seasonal events that might impact your target market

Marketing: Your crowdfunding campaign is another aspect of the ongoing communication between you and your target market. All the tools you have can be modified to assist the campaign:

- Your website: can be updated to focus on the campaign. Your home page should feature your campaign front and center. Links to your crowdfunding page need to be easy to find and all the links need to work. Experts also suggest creating 2-4 blog posts before the campaign that can be posted at key intervals such as the launch of the campaign, funding milestones, or focus pieces on your perks.

- Your social media: can be used as a platform to disseminate art and copy promoting the campaign. Again, 5-10 posts created beforehand can be used strategically at major points of the campaign to keep the momentum strong, and a link directly to the crowdfunding page is essential.

- Your email list: can be used to reach your true fans and encourage them to recruit others. As with the other marketing tools, writing 5-10 emails to support the campaign before it launches can drive traffic to your crowdfunding page.

- Your campaign video: is a unique component to your marketing if you weren’t using YouTube on a day-to-day basis. The crowdfunding video is normally 90 seconds to 3 minutes and uses a combination of members of the team in front of the camera, art from the comic, or a combination of the two. You can say and do whatever you want in the video to get your target market excited, but the video needs to address the following questions somehow:

1) Who are you?
2) What is the book about?
3) Why should your target market pay attention (What’s in it for them)?
4) What will you do with the money?
5) What are the best rewards?
6) How can they back your campaign?

It’s a good idea to pre-screen your video to a select group before it goes out into the world and put your best face forward in the video copy and production. Videos play a large role in campaign success, so you want to produce the best clip you can.

Distribution: Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms require submission of your page for review and approval before the campaign goes live. If you want a professional review of your page by a crowdfunding expert, you need to submit your page up to one month before the campaign launch date. If you just want your page approved, then the submission time is about a week for sites like Kickstarter.

Advertising: Modifying your existing ad campaign to temporarily focus on your crowdfunding can help drive your target market to your campaign site. Your pre-existing contacts in the comic book press might also be willing to post something about your campaign on their social media. Whichever ad mix you decide to use, modify your press kit for the campaign by including things like:

- Your crowdfunding press release
- Bios for you and your team
- Key artwork for the campaign
- Links to your video and the crowdfunding site

Next week, we’ll talk about how you manage your crowdfunding campaign. Until then, if you'd like to reserve your spot for our free March 4th crowdfunding webinar, you can use this link.

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Have fun with your comic.