December Feature #2: Expecting the Unexpected

AhkwardKat Featured Comics • Dec 7, 2020

Nothing is ever as it seems and strange things lurk around the corners. From the comical and bizarre to the dangerous and shocking, we have a list here just for that! Expecting the Unexpected is a great way to feel prepared and ready for anything. This list is no different. Enjoy the variety, chaos, fun and thrilling stories of the unexpected!

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1. GAPO the Clown, Rocket Ink Studios, (cc/ @Rocketinkstudios)

GAPO the Clown is the host of GAPO's SUPER HAPPY FUN SHOW, a top-rated children's television show. Because he's on TV kids and parents love him, but his lack of morals and human decency are always leading him and the poor people around him into odd situations that lead to hilarity. The oddball and sometimes dark humor keeps you on your toes here!

Written and Drawn by Tony Miello
Logo Designed by Peter DeLorenzo
Cover Art Penciled by Tony Miello
Cover Art Inked by Jeremy Clark
Cover Art Colored by Jorge Cortes

2. Minute Man, Hard Cheap Knock, (cc/ @gunderstorm)

Minute man wants to be a hero, but doesn’t? Or does he? Will he? Can he? He lives by his phone waiting for them, but never seems quite ready to act, maybe by reading his comic we can encourage him! Get to it!

Story and Art by Craig Gunderson

3. MONSTER MATADOR: TANGO OF THE MATADORS, 2510 Press, (cc/ @MonsterMatador)

A delightfully demented post-apocalyptic throw-down in which Matador Ramon Alejandro Estévez-Guerrero take up his sword and cape against the monsters that turned the world into a lawless, Kaiju-infested hellscape. A great twist on an infamous tradition, be ready for surprise encounters of the oversized kind!

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Written by Steven Prince
Art by Fabio Alves
Colors by Alex Zief
Proofread by Katrina Roets
Pinups for KickStarter by Tony Donley, Steven Prince, Lisa Moore, and Christie Shinn
Kickstarter Exclusives by Kyle Roberts and Davie Comodo

4. Snake Claws, Edison Neo, (cc/ @eneo)

Snake Claws is a martial arts action comic book series with fun action, wacky move names and a dash of good old kungfu movie cheese. Each book, though part of a larger sequential story, is a self contained story with its own beginning and ending with its own cast of characters. Have fun experiencing the epic fights and exploring the pugilistic world through the eyes of Snake Claws!

Story and Art by Edison Neo

5. Decked Up, Tango Comics, (cc/ @TangoComics)

Enjoy the adventures of an enchanted tarot deck and its reluctant tarot card reader. Try as she does, she can’t even get rid of her cards! Slashing them, shredding them, tossing them out a window, they never leave her alone! Between her strange deck and hilarious client reactions, we hope to see more and want you to enjoy it too!

Written by Rebecca Rothschild
Illustrated by Melissa Montezuma

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