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What's Trending: Sports Days

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Jul 21, 2022

Schools out for many of us, and we need something fun to do! Cricket sounds fun, maybe racing, basketball? What about roller derby? Get your gear on and let's play for today's What's Trending, featuring:

1. Batsman, 74 pages - Published by WagaComix, (cc/ @WagaComix)

Haku Mizorogi is in his final year of high school. It’s also the season for the annual national high school baseball competition (Ko-shien). Haku’s dream is to become a professional baseballer, and to be a top batter! As such, Haku doesn’t believe in half-heartedness. His competitive drive is to pit himself against the strongest pitchers, so that he can give it his “All or Nothing”!!

Story and Art by WagaComix



2. Triple Crown, 40 pages - Published by Mythoverse Comics, (cc/ @MythoverseComics)

The daughter of the greatest racing driver in history devotes her life to completing her family's legacy, by reaching the pinnacle of racing: The Triple Crown of Motorsport. She must master all of the most difficult racing disciplines, navigate rivalries, politics, and death defying speed in her single minded pursuit. It will require everything she has to succeed. Pedal Down and Power on!

Story and Art by Mythoverse Comics



3. Second Place, 92 pages - Published by Source Point Press, (cc/ @TravisM)

This is a mockumentary comic about body-building aliens and life choices. This send-up of the comic genre, inspired by Christopher Guest movies, begs to ask the question "Who really comes in 2nd place?"

Story and Art by Source Point Press



4. Fast and Frightening - A Comic About Roller Derby, 106 pages - Published by Freaktown Comics, (cc/ @FreaktownComics)

Blown away by their first bout, four young women decide to take on the world. With skates on their feet, helmets on their heads, pads on their knees and fire in their hearts they assemble a mighty roller derby league. Follow their exploits on and off the track as they skate fast, turn left and hit hard. It’s red-hot girl-on-girl sports action! Freaktown Comics brings the excitement and action of roller derby to the comics page, and introduces you to the people who make it happen.

Story and Art by Carlos Pedro, Keith Chan, Russell Hillman, Sergio Calvet



5. World Class, 216 pages - Published by Mad Cave Studios, (cc/ @chrisfernandez)

Football is a religion where Adrian “The Colombian Cannon” Molina comes from and with his wicked right leg, he has a clear shot to the promised land of the European Junior Leagues. But when a football scout offers him a full scholarship to an elite prep school in London, the news seems too good to be true. The constant fighting, teasing, and bullying, brings about crippling anxiety of losing his spot on the team. That’s until Luciano DeSilva takes him under his wing, and gives Adrian the confidence to be himself and value his position on the team.

Story and Art by Jay Sandlin, Patrick Mulholland, Rebecca Nalty



6. Sumo Dunk !, 8 pages - Published by littlepinkpebble, (cc/ @littlepinkpebble)

When the sumo club gets disbanded, the boys are forced to join the basketball team instead. Can they become champions? Read on and find out! My comics will always be free to read for everyone, but donations helps a ton -

Story and Art by littlepinkpebble