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What's Trending: Fantasy

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Jan 13, 2022

In addition to our weekly Most Popular series, we'll also be covering titles that are trending each week. Today we've got a list of fresh comics that are trending in the Fantasy genre! Tread carefully, this list is wild and many beasts lurk there.

With that intro, have a gander at what's trending for the week of January 9th, 2022:


1. Most Hunted Monster, 26 pages - Published by Most Hunted Monster, (cc/ @mosthuntedmonster)

Since Mare's mother died in childbirth, the teenager has been living with the father in the largest kingdom in Norfrand. But the two are in hiding from the dark Ox. Desperate to leave life on the run behind, Mare heads out to kill their pursuer and leader of the monsters. An effort that becomes even stronger when Mare learns the truth about the death of his mother. And the truth about himself.

Story and Art by Most Hunted Monster



2. Neozoic, 281 pages - Published by Red 5 Comics, (cc/ @joshuastarnes)

In a gritty fantasy world where dinosaurs did not become extinct, human history has unfolded side-by-side with the giant reptiles. The greatest of the dinosaur slayers are known as the Predator Defense League. When an act of kindness causes thousands of the beasts to destroy the walls of Monanti City, it leaves culture vs. culture, mammal vs. reptile, friend vs. friend and father vs. daughter.

Story and Art by Korim and Paul Ens



3. The Witch, 684 pages - Published by Nich the Lich, (cc/ @Nich)

A timeless Witch travelling to find someone to watch the trees grow with.

Story and Art by Nich the Lich



4. Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter, 281 pages - Published by Wannabe Press, (cc/ @wannabepress)

A psychopath wakes up in an asylum and must become a monster hunter during the Apocalypse, but he doesn't know if he's in the Apocalypse, killing people and thinks it's the Apocalypse, or it's all in his head the whole time.

Story and Art by Wannabe Press



5. Day of the Magicians, 281 pages - Published by Humanoids, (cc/ @BrunoHumanoids)

A fantastical saga of sorcery, love, and adventure, featuring a young magician's quest to becoming a man. Drazen has completed his magician’s training and is now ready to carry out the mission conferred upon him by his caste: to find and take down the renegade sorcerer Lancaster, his own father.

Story and Art by Marco Nizzoli and Michelangelo La Neve



6. Steampunk Fables, 234 pages - Published by Antarctic Press, (cc/ @JDunn)

Presenting a an instant classic from Rod Espinosa, creator of The Courageous Princess and Neotopia and Antarctic Press's own master of the new-age fairy tale. This collection of timeless tales has been galvanized and refueled to charge full steam ahead with a new angle on these familiar favorites!

Story and Art by Rod Espinosa