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Most Popular Last Week: Adventure

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Jan 10, 2022

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a great New Year, and with a new year comes a new set of lists! This year we are kicking off with a new type of feature: Most Popular Last Week. We'll pick a different genre at random each week, so keep an eye out!

This week, we are focused on the Adventure Genre. Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. They can be about destinations of far away lands or venturing into outer space. They can be inner adventures focusing on the growth of characters through trials and hardships.

Go on a new journey by taking a gander through these top six comics of the adventure genre!

1. PHANTOM by Traynumba3, 397 pages - Published by Numba3Productions, (cc/ @Traynumba3)

While Planet Earth was still in development, a rock full of smaller stones was hidden in North America. The government has heard the myth of these stones and now wants them at their disposal. Two young African Americans have to figure out the truth behind these stones while living in a world full of discrimination, terrorism and conformity.

Story and Art by Numba3Productions



2. Kulipari, 96 pages - Published by Red 5 Comics, (cc/ @joshuastarnes)

Based on the Netflix original series! Where the first season of Kulipari ends, Kulipari: Heritage immediately begins. Burnu, leader of the poison frogs, the protectors of the outback, has been sent on a secret mission to find the original source of the frog's power and return it to their new homeland.

Story and Art by Joshua Starnes, Sonia Liao, Trevor Pryce



3. The Incredibly Odd and Eerie Tales of Two Gun Thomas Coe, 44 pages - Published by Broken Icon Comics, (cc/ @BIC)

Follow Coe and his sentient, bio-mechanical companion, Boom, as they travel to alternate versions of Earth, called configurations. With as much humor as action, go with Thomas Coe and Boom as they survive in strange realities, and chase down the mysterious man who seems to have existed everywhere.

Story and Art by Broken Icon Comics



4. MacroGenesis, 38 pages - Published by PostModern Pagan Comics, (cc/ @Jeve-and-Steve)

MacroGenesis is a Post-Modern graphic novel built upon the bones on comparative cosmogenic myths from antiquity, incorporating elements of myths originating from the Mesopotamians, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Norse, Persians, Semites, South Asians, and East Asians.

Story and Art by PostModern Pagan Comics



5. Bridge, 173 pages - Published by Kingdom Comics, (cc/ @brad622)

Formally a Guardian angel, the now Dominion angels helps battles the forces of evil!

Story and Art by Kingdom Comics



6. Angela Della Morte, 271 pages - Published by Red 5 Comics, (cc/ @joshuastarnes)

Angela Della Morte works for Dr. Sibelius, the most brilliant mind of the century. Using a new technology, Sibelius Labs are capable of separate soul from body. Using this tech Angela’s soul can get into other dead host and take control of their bodies in undercover missions. But as the souls travels the void to get into their new receptacles, they must elude a tenebrous lifeform.

Story and Art by Salvador Sanz