10 Comic YouTube Channels You Need to Subscribe to Now

Kevin Community • Sep 22, 2021

The only thing we love more than reading comics is watching YouTube videos about reading comics! But with literally hundreds of channels on the platform to choose from on the subject, how do you know where to start? 

Here are ten of our favorite comic book-themed YouTube channels, perfect for both the comics aficionado or newbie!



Whether he’s talking about the comic book origins of current Marvel TV series or taking a deep dive into the history of obscure-but-influential Golden Age auteurs, ComicTropes host Chris Piers offers something for everyone. Done in an entertaining and well-researched style, each episode of the channel is like a fun comics mini-documentary.




Watchtower Database

Watchtower Database lends an encyclopedic-level of knowledge to untangling one of the most popular superhero animated extended universes in history. Covering the family of DC cartoon offerings from “Batman: The Animated Series” to “Justice League Unlimited” (and beyond), the series tackles such questions as “Will It Canon?” & points out surprising Easter eggs.




Casually Comics

One-part Comics Historian, one-part Comics Opinion, Casually Comics host Sasha Wood both educates & gives her take on some of the hottest comic book issues of the moment. From such topics as “Black Widow is the Female Spider-Man?” to “Batman Marries Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane...Again,” there’s plenty to keep a fan interested.





Ever want to catch up on the rich history of your fave Marvel superhero but don’t have the bucks or resources to dig through all that past comic book material? MerryMarvelite presents viewers with a comprehensive overview of a wide variety of different Marvel Comics characters & storylines. It’s the next best thing to having all the Marvel Masterworks on your shelf!





Of course, ScreenCrush covers far more than simply superhero-related topics, being one of the most popular YouTube destinations for popular-culture media in general. However, we wanted to give the channel a high-five for consistently producing quality videos on comics-inspired TV & Movies on a regular basis!

Channel:’s YouTube is, of course, all about our favorite hobby! But it also has a rich selection of videos on topics like comic book-related movie & TV tie-ins. Unique regular features such as “Daily Distraction” & ComicBook Tabletop round out a highly enjoyable channel.




Variant Comics

With tons of new content three times a week, the Variant Comics channel provides fans with a cornucopia of geeky goodness. Whether it’s answering thought-provoking questions such as “How Powerful is Black Widow?” or providing a handy guide to the Origin of Starro the Conqueror, this YouTube comics spot has it all!





This YouTube channel features dramatic readings by the Eligible Monster crew of popular comic book storylines like “Marvel Zombies” & “Spider-Man Clone Wars.” There are also chats about comics news, television shows like Loki & Wandavision, and plenty of fan speculation




Madison on the Air

And now for something completely different, yet still chock full of the fun, action, laughs and suspense comic book aficionados crave. Listen to the adventures of modern-day Madison as she’s zapped into the world of old-time radio shows and encounters comic strips super-stars including Superman, Batman , The Shadow, Sherlock and more!




Matt Kindt

Matt Kindt is not only the New York Times bestselling talent behind such awesome indie comics as MIND MGMT, BRZRKR, and Super Spy, but the curator of a popular YouTube channel all about comics. Kindt introduces you to some cool independent comic comic creators and also discusses the craft itself.




And that’s our list of 10 highly-recommended comic-related YouTube channels to check out. Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know on Twitter.