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Five Comics Podcasts You Need To Listen To Right Now

Kevin Community • Sep 15, 2021


There may be a few times in your life when you can’t read GlobalComix. We get that. You might be out driving, training for a marathon, swimming at the beach or enjoying the company of friends and family. For all of those times you can’t read GlobalComix in an appropriate venue, we’re here to offer you the next greatest alternative: PODCASTS!

At GlobalComix, we listen to a lot of comics-related podcasts. We love hearing passionate fans talking about the things that really, truly invigorate them. While there are oodles and oodles of comics related podcasts out there, here are five of our absolute favorites:

Super Serious 616


Super Serious is a podcast that asks, “What would it be like to live through the 616 Marvel Universe as it was happening”. The hosts, Mike and Ed, live in the world of the early Silver Age of Marvel Comics. The first episode takes place in November 1961, when The Thing and the Human Torch have just been spotted in the city but no one knows who or what they are. Beyond just talking about the brave new heroes, Mike and Ed tackle the real world consequences and theorize how it effects the modern world. 






iFanboy’s Comic Book Podcast is an audio talk show discussing the best in current comic books. Every week, Ron, Conor and Josh (and occasional guest Paul) share what they loved and loathed about the week's newest comics. Their regular features include “Pick of the Week,” “Mediasplode,” and “Special Edition.” If you’re into deep dives into comic history, outrageous tangents, and passionate conversations, give it a listen. 




Fire & Water Podcast


The greatest team of podcasters ever assembled! Shepherded by Rob Kelly and and Shag Matthews, the Fire & Water Podcast Network is home to a range of outstanding shows to comfort your inner geek — from the “Superman Movie Minute” to covering Superman III to the “JLI Podcast” highlighting the legacy of Justice League International — the network has a little something for everyone. 




Word Balloon


The long-running Word Balloon podcast is hosted by John Siuntres and features one-on-one interviews with some of comics’ most fascinating people such as Dan Slott, Marc Guggenheim, Tom King, Ron Marz, and Tim Seeley. The star-studded podcast also covers a range of related fun topics from the world of Pop-Culture, including video games, movies, television, novels, and much much more!




Gatecrashers Podcast


Looking for a new universe to explore? Gatecrashers Podcast is here to help you bash through the barriers of history and continuity to keep you enjoying of your new favorite thing in style! From Doom Patrol to Batman and wrestling to manga, the entire crew is funny, sincere and ready to get you jazzed up about… well… everything!




And that’s our list of five highly-recommended podcasts to check out. Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know on Twitter.