July Feature #7: You're the Best

Kevin Featured Comics • Jul 30, 2021


You're the Best by Joe Esposito has been stuck in my head the entire time that I've been thinking about the feature theme to close out July. With that being the case, and the song debuting on the Karate Kid album, it's only fitting that we end the month's feature series with a handful of comics about fighting and martial arts.

In the words of Joe Esposito, history repeats itself. Try and you'll succeed! Let us know your favorites in the comics, and feel free to share any other fighting comics you enjoy.



Yuki Vs Panda, 60 pages - Published by Source Point Press, (cc/ @TravisM)

Ten years after a freak incident at the zoo, Yuki finds herself attending a prestigious college on the road to success, unaware that a panda bear from that fateful day has been hunting her down to exact bloody revenge. Nothing can prepare you for this outrageous comedy filled with epic fights, awkward romance, supernatural powers, and plenty of zigs and zags. Put up your pigtails! Sharpen your cla

Story and Art by Source Point Press



Rok of the Reds, 146 pages - Published by BHP Comics, (cc/ @bhpcomics)

Industry legends John Wagner and Alan Grant (Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Judgement on Gotham, A History of Violence) team up once again to bring you Rok of the Reds alongside stunning art by Dan Cornwell.

Story and Art by Alan Grant, Dan Cornwell, John Wagner



Duds, 95 pages - Published by Tenth Circle Comics, (cc/ @TenthCircleComics)

When a Class-D superhero winds up an accessory to quadruple murder, he is blackmailed into becoming the sidekick of ruthless but lovable Window Pain Man.

Story and Art by Tenth Circle Comics



Rex Radley: Boy Adventurer, 26 pages - Published by Winston Gambro, (cc/ @wgambro1)

Rex Radley is a boy born into adventure and excitement! (Hence the title). This comic is an anthology following the two halves of his lives following his parent's divorce. His mother lives in in Japan, fighting towering monsters with her giant robot, his father lives in the Amazon with his cavewoman bodyguard, defending the Earth from an army of Dinosaur people.

Story and Art by Winston Gambro



Over the Ropes, 24 pages - Published by Mad Cave Studios, (cc/ @chrisfernandez)

A young high-flyer named Jason Lynn goes off-script in a match to win the world title and sets the southern territory on fire as the face-painted wrestler, Phoenix. Jason's battles between the ropes are only outperformed by his struggles outside the ring. No matter what problems smack him with a steel chair, Jason lives by his catchphrase: I. Will. Rise.

Story and Art by Antonello Consentino, Francesco Segala, Jay Sandlin