Resilience: Creators Against COVID - "Supposed to Be" Now Available

Kevin Featured Comics • May 20, 2021

Supposed to Be, issue #2 of the Resilience: Creators Against COVID anthology is now available to read on GlobalComix. In Supposed to Be, a father questions how life will change as a pandemic changes his world.

This issue was written by Jamal Igle (Wonder Woman), with art/colors/letters by Jess Fleming (Outgoing) and editing by Janelle Asselin (DC Entertainment, Disney, ComicsAlliance, Rosy Press).

All proceeds from this comic will be donated to The Trans Women of Color Collective in Bethesda, MD

To go along with the release of Supposed to Be, we have a message from Jamal Igle:


Born out of my frustrations early on in the pandemic, SUPPOSED TO BE is an examination of the relative blessings I have in my life, even in trying times such as now. One of the things that happened when my family and myself found ourselves sequestered in our home as we had to learn how to co-exist in the living room of our apartment. It was an adjustment, operating on different schedules and having different tastes, but it brought us close in many ways. SUPPOSED TO BE is probably the most autobiographical story I’ve written. -- Jamal Igle



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