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May Feature #5: Monday Funnies

Kevin Featured Comics • May 17, 2021

Who says funnies are only for Sundays? We're saying phooey to that and breaking the mold. We've touched on a lot of serious subjects in recent feature articles, so for today it's time to sit back, relax, and laugh. We've even picked enough comics to get you through the entire week, so any time you want to get a chuckle or two in on your breaks just hop back here and enjoy.

1. The Dog Park, Illumination Cinema, (cc/ @IlluminationCinema)

A family of dogs find themselves in various absurd situations, meeting an ensemble of crazy characters and deal with life's little struggles in grandiose ways.

Story and Art by Beth Christine and Tyler W. Moore

2. The Disgruntled Avenger, Exspastic Comics, (cc/ @exspasticcomics)

One man. One World. One big brown paper bag. After losing his mind while working in the fast food industry,-- Bob decides to become a super hero and save the world! But, What exactly does that mean? Whether it's fighting Super Villains, Stopping Corporate corruption and over commercialization or simply philosophizing about a better world,-- The Disgruntled Avenger will be there!

Story and Art by Exspastic Comics

3. Floppy Cop, Source Point Press, (cc/ @TravisM)

Join in on the absurd adventures of a cop who is bending over backwards for justice, mostly because he has no spine in his body! But as Floppy Cop always says, "you don't need to have a spine to have guts!" Together with a colorful cast of funny characters, Floppy has to solve the puzzles of a new criminal Crossword or Christmas might be ruined in the town of White Trickle Falls!

Story and Art by Dan Dougherty, Jay Fosgitt, Milena Deneno, Seth Damoose

4. Quantum Festival, Quantum Festival, (cc/ @QuantumFestival)

Physics-based Webcomic
The fundamental laws of reality are strange but those who unravel their mysteries are gifted with the blessings that now run the modern world in a tale that is nothing short of a festival

Story and Art by Quantum Festival

5. Frank, Broken Icon Comics, (cc/ @BIC)

What would you do if you died in the Apocalypse but never moved on? Frank was an ordinary man who found himself in that very situation. As a ghost tethered to his undead corpse, Frank and his beloved self shamble around the end of times looking for the reasons why. Frank is a comedy unlike any other with action and laughs from cover to cover.

Story and Art by Broken Icon Comics