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A Wave Blue World Washes Over GlobalComix

gamalhennessy Partnerships • Apr 13, 2021

Comics are art and all art is political. The most memorable comics embrace this reality. They use narrative sequential art to convey relevant stories that both speak to the social climate of the moment and serve as a beacon for the future.

A Wave Blue World (AWBW) has been a home for impactful comic book art for over fifteen years. From the New York Times featured books like American Terrorist and All We Ever Wanted to classics like From Hell’s Heart and Phantom of the Opera, AWBW has always focused on socially conscious storytelling and providing a platform for a multitude of creative voices.

GlobalComix is proud to add AWBW to its family of comic book publishers.

You can read all the titles from AWBW and 5,000 other comics for a low monthly subscription.

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Christopher admin 7 months ago

Wooohooo! We're so excited to have you on board @tyler :)