March Feature #1: AWA Studios on GlobalComix

Kevin Featured Comics • Mar 2, 2021

We're very excited to have AWA Studios join our growing digital library of incredible stories. If you haven't had a chance to check out the announcement yet, head over and take a look. For this feature, we wanted to share some of the great series AWA are bringing to GlobalComix. Check them out below!

1. Bad Mother, AWA Studios, (cc/ @WillGraves)

A nerve-racking thriller from crime writer Christa Faust and blockbuster artist Mike Deodato Jr. (The Resistance, Infinity Wars). April Walters is a hit-and-run victim of life – a middle-aged soccer mom whose inner fire has been snuffed out by her dreary suburban existence. When her teenaged daughter goes missing under mysterious circumstances, April embarks on a harrowing mission to find her.

Story and Art by Christa Faust, Lee Loughridge, Mike Deodato Jr.

2. Old Haunts, AWA Studios, (cc/ @WillGraves)

Three Made Men, standing at the brink of retirement, find their unbreakable bond put to the ultimate test when they are suddenly assaulted by the ghosts of their past. Confronted by decades of buried secrets – resentments, affairs, double-crosses, and murders – the three friends have no choice but to unearth the deepest, darkest sin from their past and pray they don’t find an empty grave.

Story and Art by Laurence Campbell, Lee Loughridge, Ollie Masters, Rob Williams

3. American Ronin, AWA Studios, (cc/ @WillGraves)

War is over, democracy an illusion, real power now lies not with nation states but huge corporations engaged in a silent war for global domination. Their number one weapon: highly-skilled, technologically-enhanced operatives trained since childhood to pledge their allegiance to the corporate flag.

Story and Art by ACO, Dean White, Peter Milligan

4. Byte-Sized, AWA Studios, (cc/ @WillGraves)

When two young siblings excitedly unwrap their final Christmas presents, they discover toy robots unlike anything they have ever seen. And with good reason. What the kids and their parents don’t know is that their quaint suburban home just became the beachhead for these self-aware ‘bots that have begun to explore the outside world.

Story and Art by Cullen Bunn, Nelson Blake, Snakebite Cortez

5. E-Ratic, AWA Studios, (cc/ @WillGraves)

You’re fifteen years old. You’re suddenly granted incredible powers. Cool, right? There’s only one problem: you can only use your powers for ten minutes at a time. What do you do when you have to save the world but you only have ten minutes to do it? This is the problem faced by Oliver Leif, a teenager who has just moved to a new town, and a new school, and is having a hard enough time.

Story and Art by Brian Reber and Kaare Andrews

Have you had a chance to check out any of AWA's comics before they arrived on GlobalComix? Are there any you're seeing for the first time, and excited to read? Either way, let us know in the comments!