December Feature #3: Bite-sized Apocalypse

EricTapper Featured Comics • Dec 10, 2020

This week's comics all entail some form of existential threat, though the stories have all been selected to ensure a balanced diet. We thought this sampling of titles would be a lovely appetizer for further reading that will surely leave you satisfied. Be our guest for this end-of-the-world fare, and be sure to follow your favorite creators to stay up to date with their upcoming releases.

1. Jack Irons: The Steel Cowboy , IronVerse Comics , (cc/ @IronVerseComics)

An immortal man with memories of prior reincarnations wanders through Galactic Armageddon seeking Freedom, and Purpose.

Written by Cody Fernandez
Inked by Maxi Dall'o
Colored by Matias Laborde
Lettered by Vincent Rush
Graphics designed by Nico Buffo
Variant Cover by Steve Canon
Edited by Cody Fernandez and DollarCoin$
Published by Michael Watson and Matthew Byant

2. Mycelium Seep, Markosia Enterprises, (cc/ @Markosia)

When Khalek, a teenager from an underground city discovers a disease inflicting the roots penetrating from above ground, his mind merges with that of Laura - a vehicle designer. Khalek's people are barred from the surface, which is controlled by xenophobic humanoids. In order to stop the disease, Khalek and Laura embark on a journey in an attempt to communicate with the humanoids.

Written and Drawn by by Nir Levie
Translated by Dekel Oved

3. The Resurrected, Carnouche Productions, (cc/ @carnouchec)

At its core, THE RESURRECTED is a story about redemption, the acceptance of our mortality and about how far one Aboriginal-Australian detective would go to save his people from almost certain extinction.

Cover Art by by Ariela Kristantina
Lettered by Cardinal Rae
Written by Christian Carnouche
Illustrated by Crizam Zamora
Edited by Erica Schultz
Colored by Salvatore Aiala
Cover Art by Tula Lotay

4. Afterburn, Red 5 Comics, (cc/ @joshuastarnes)

A year ago, a massive solar flare destroyed the Earth's eastern hemisphere with the power of a thousand nuclear bombs. But amid chaos, there's profit. That's where Jake comes in, retrieving valuable items from the remains… when he can outwit the competition and the mutated locals.

Written by Matt Busch and Paul Ens
Art by Scott Chitwood and Wayne Nichols

5. Freakz Don't Sleep, Freakz Don't Sleep Comics, (cc/ @RockNRowe)

A collection of mini-comics based in a post-apocalyptic world, that was destroyed during a nuclear war.

These comics are lowbrow, contain stupidity, swearing and violence.


Story and Art by Freakz Don't Sleep Comics

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