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swordheart posted Jul 4, 2022

I'd like to make friends.

i don't really have a lot of friends who are comic artists and those i do have, i treasure so very dearly. i'd love to meet more people, especially smaller LGBT creators. maybe we can check out each others stuff and talk about it. idk. i don't really do this kind of thing often but i figured i'd stick my neck out. anyway. i'm nico. :-)

HellToBreakfast posted Jul 5, 2022

Hi Nico! Happy to meet you and excited to read your work :D

I have a similar difficulty putting myself out there, so I'm already proud of you for making the leap!
(edit: my real name is Brendan lol)

ArtCrumbs admin supporter posted Jul 5, 2022

YAS FRIENDS, I love making friends too! I'm NonBinary myself and I'm glad to see you here. I like the discord for that reason, I can be active there if I'm really feeling it, or hang out and lurk. lmao I know the feel!

swordheart posted Jul 5, 2022

@HellToBreakfast hey brendan! it's super cool to meet you! :D thanks so much for checking out my stuff! i'm gonna give your stuff a peek as well now that i'm home from work. have you been on GC long?

swordheart posted Jul 5, 2022

@ArtCrumbs i get a little anxious about joining big discords tbh but i definitely get the allure about it. maybe if i get brave enough .. lol. i did notice the forums here are kind of quiet so i'm not surprised there'd be more activity in the server.

HellToBreakfast posted Jul 6, 2022

@swordheart A couple of weeks, loving it so far, having a good time :D

swordheart posted Jul 6, 2022

@HellToBreakfast i've only been here a few days so far so still figuring things out! excited to get my stuff out there, stressed at how long it'll take .. LOL but it'll be worth it, i'm sure! :3

NinaDAberlein posted Jul 7, 2022

Why not join the discord server? There's lots of people to meet!

swordheart posted Jul 8, 2022

@NinaDAberlein mostly a little weird about joining big servers like that! maybe eventually i'd be able to socialize on a bigger scale like that but idk. i'd have to work up the nerve.

BaronVonDC posted Jul 9, 2022

Am I late to the friends party?! =)

HellToBreakfast posted Jul 9, 2022

No time limit on the friends party :D

swordheart posted Jul 9, 2022

@BaronVonDC hii! i hope you're having an awesome day! as for me, i just got home from work and am eating a giant cookie. :-3

BaronVonDC posted Jul 10, 2022

Right on! I just got back from watching the new Thor movie!

EarltheSquirrelofFlorenc posted Jul 10, 2022

Hi Nico! I know I’m late to this convo but I’m an aroace non-binary creator and my comic is 90% queer characters! (Except the explicitly picked cishet) I’d love to have someone to chat with abt our comics one on one!

swordheart posted Jul 10, 2022

@BaronVonDC ohh omg! how did you like it? it just came out, right?

swordheart posted Jul 10, 2022

@EarltheSquirrelofFlorenc oh yeah, for sure! that sounds great. how long have you been working on comics?

swordheart posted Jul 10, 2022

btw, i hope everyone is having a great day today. :-)

BaronVonDC posted Jul 10, 2022

I liked it. I had heard quite a bit of criticism of the movie prior... and I understand the criticism... but I liked it. To be honest, I personally think people put way too much expectations on movies lately.

swordheart posted Jul 10, 2022

@BaronVonDC yeah, i've seen mostly mixed reviews so far. i'm glad you enjoyed it though! i feel like with movies you kind of have to just take them for what they are. if you don't a certain type of movie, don't go watching it too. a lot of people watch stuff knowing they aren't gonna like it and then go on to complain about it and it's so dumb. i'm not a huge fan of marvel personally so i don't really watch them because i already know i'm not gonna enjoy them, you know what i mean?

EarltheSquirrelofFlorenc posted Jul 10, 2022

@swordheart , I’ve been writing for years but I’ve only been working on comics for a few months but I almost have my entire first chapter uploaded here.

swordheart posted Jul 10, 2022

@EarltheSquirrelofFlorenc that's so cool! if you ever have any questions or maybe need some advice, you can feel free to reach out! :3 the first couple of years is tricky business. you're gonna see your art grow a lot and faster than ever before. it's kind of crazy but in an awesome way.

EarltheSquirrelofFlorenc posted Jul 10, 2022

@swordheart thanks! I might want some feedback about my script or layouts. Would you wanna trade socials so that we can communicate more efficiently?

swordheart posted Jul 11, 2022

@EarltheSquirrelofFlorenc sure! do you have discord? i can DM you my username.

JanneKarneus posted Nov 18, 2022

Heya! Nice to meet you!

I'm Janne and I love making up stories.

I'll be very happy to check your work out! :)

swordheart posted Nov 22, 2022


hey! for sure! i'll give your stuff a gander as soon as i get some free time! looks very interesting! o: