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Comic - Fantasy

A story of deals made by demons and humans to keep their worlds from falling apart. In a divided Milan ravaged by WWII, one needs to make deals to get by. Cicero, a young man crippled by the bombings, has made his deal—work hard, hide who you are, and survive. But the bloodshed still haunts him, and Cicero is driven to enlist some demonic aid in order to save Italy . . . and himself.

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Citizen Five

WebComic - Action

A new and advanced form of mind-control is plaguing the city of Novus, and between the mindless zombies, free thinkers and the ominous forces that oversee it all, Cassian is stuck firmly in the middle. So when young prodigy Ali Creeds and his new team, known as the Citizens, ask Cassian to join them in tearing down this dystopia for good, all sides of her life begin to cave in. So what’s it gonna be? Order or chaos? Status quo or Citizen Five?...

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Brendan Albetski

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Brendan (he/him) lives in New England in the USA. He draws a lot of pictures and sometimes writes words to go with them.

re: I'd like to make friends.

@swordheart thanks! I might want some feedback about my script or layouts. Would you wanna trade socials so that we can communicate more efficiently?

re: I'd like to make friends.

@swordheart , I’ve been writing for years but I’ve only been working on comics for a few months but I almost have my entire first chapter uploaded here.

re: I'd like to make friends.

Hi Nico! I know I’m late to this convo but I’m an aroace non-binary creator and my comic is 90% queer characters! (Except the explicitly picked cishet) I’d love to have someone to chat with abt our comics one on one!

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Art Crumbs

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~ Creator of the Godsbane and Onami ~ Community Staff here on GlobalComix

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Art Amazon

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Hi all, I’m a California-based artist in the video game industry. I love making stupid comics and funny art.

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Artist and creator of "Light of Aluedel" coming August 2022.

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Team Diamant Comics

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Singular name for a art partnership. We make comics!

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Mythoverse Comics

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The Mythoverse is a creator owned independent shared comic universe founded by Dan Sacharow, Brett McGowan, and Matt Trinh. Heavily steeped in western folklore, mythology, and tradition, the three initial launch titles, Adobe Kroger: Dame Commander, Changeling: an Urban Fairytale, and Mythics, re-imagine timeless tales and creatures in a contemporary urban fantasy setting.

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Very Gay Comics

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A pair of comic and animation loving creators. One does the art; the other does the writing. Together, we want to bring back daily comics like you were reading them out of the funny section of the newspapers but in a fully unique way!

Crime-Fighting for College Credit

Comic - Action

Being a sidekick is hard, especially when your super hero compadre feels like you're slacking. The solution is obvious: unpaid internship with the most feared of nighttime protectors, SHADOWFIST! But when the internship involves a literal psychopath, you start to wonder what you're supposed to learn. A look back into the archives, before chronic pain destroyed the artist's hands!

Regnum Antiquum

Comic - Fantasy

A celestial roams the mortal realm, falling in love with the people. Amadeus devotes his life to helping the world he loves. One day the skies open up as a curse rains down upon the realm, plaguing it’s people. Amadeus past catches up with him as he’s forced to face his destiny.

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Kamourian King

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I'm a metal loving, super nerdy, bad ass single mom. I love dark fantasy and dream of a day to make my name known. Currently working on a dark fantasy comic called Regnum Antiquum, "Ancient Realm".  I love meeting and supporting fellow comic creators. I draw hot, muscular, sometimes naked, men. YOU HAVE BEEN WARRNED lol You may call me "Kamouri", "Kammy", or "Kam'. Pronouns: She/They

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Webcomic Creator | He/They

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Star Boy

Comic - Action

A coming of age story about a young man named Mickey Diamond. A young hero-in-training who wants to strive for the top for fame and validation! His whole life has been leading up to being part of MADL's top hero team! But what if there's more to 'justice' than being a world-saving superhero?

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Pomspom Art

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Tears of a Dragon

Comic - Fantasy

Stories following the hardships, adventures, and lives of an endangered race of dragon shapeshifters. How will they cope and survive in a world that has decided it doesn't want them?