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April Feature #8: Monday Funday

Kevin Featured Comics • Apr 26, 2021

Welcome to the last week of April! To close out the month, let's take a look at a handful of comics with humor to help us get through the week ahead. Read on for the selection, and let us know what makes you laugh in the comments!

1. Bottoms Up: Hard Liquor, Joe Cabello, (cc/ @cabellocomics)

Suspense horror where the killer is... a bottle of booze.

An alcoholic party girl on the brink of going sober partakes in one last night of drinking with her friends, but a deadly bottle of booze may truly make it her last drink.

An homage to Street Trash (1987) and the iconic body horror of the 80s, Bottoms Up: Hard Liquor is full of melting bodies, suspense, and a dash of 80s horniness.

Story and Art by Joe Cabello

2. The Jonesey and Dr. Long Adventures, Unlikely Heroes Studios, (cc/ @UHStudios)

“San Francisco, Chinatown, 1947. I was pretty low, but I was clean - no trouble, no enemies. Everything was tidy, square, and legal ... and I hated every second.”

The old Sunday-comics heroes have nothing on Jonesey and "Doc." In this loving send-up and tribute, the two pals chase adventure wherever it leads and there's "Enough Dough to Buy More Bullets."

A GlobalComix exclusive!

Story and Art by Unlikely Heroes Studios

3. Canada Jack, Atrophy Comics Studio, (cc/ @TTomblin)

Canada Jack! Defender of the Great White North! He wakes up in the morning and pisses excellence! Follow the adventures of this narcissistic maniac as he defends Canada from all threats foreign and domestic!

Story and Art by Atrophy Comics Studio

4. Ekikoi: The Young Miss Falls for the Station Attendant, MediBang Inc., (cc/ @MediBang)

After a fateful encounter in the station platform, Botan, an innocent high school lady falls in love with Koganei, the handsome station attendant who helped her. Koganei was a man adored by everyone in the station since he is very polite and kind. But, it seems like the Koganei she likes has another face... Be careful, Botan! Don't get fooled by his appearance!

Story and Art by Betty Nanasato

5. Hollywood Trash, Mad Cave Studios, (cc/ @chrisfernandez)

Ah, Hollywood! Famous for celebs, sun... and murder cults! The Privy Council is the most exclusive club in town, headed by the entertainment industry's top mogul, a ruthless exec who enlists his famous underlings to kill the people who stole from him, two local garbage men. James and Billy must survive one epic day of sword fights, forest fires, and giant mechs! At least there's hazard pay.

Story and Art by Jose Exposito, Justin Birch, Pablo Verdugo Munoz, Stephen Sonneveld


cabellocomics 7 months ago

Thanks for the shoutout!!! That means so much to me!


Kevin admin 7 months ago

You're welcome!