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DevonTTC posted Aug 14, 2022

Email Catcher

Howdy folks!
I’m putting my own comic LOTUS IN THE DEPTHS on GC but importantly I want an email subscription list where I can get the emails of fans.
Do you collect email addresses? 
How is this done on GC?

MattSchofield posted Aug 19, 2022

Following! Perhaps @Christopher or @EricTapper could weigh in?

Delete posted Aug 22, 2022


Christopher admin supporter posted Aug 23, 2022

Hi @dmaloy

The only way you get access to user emails is if you create a promo code for them to redeem where you require them to share their email with you to claim the promo and they agree to that.

This is to protect user privacy so their data is not shared unless they agree to it.

That said, we might be developing tools to use mass private message on platform in the future to contact people without exposing the PII!



Delete posted Aug 23, 2022

Thanks Christopher! Now we know how it is done!

DevonTTC posted Sep 21, 2022

How do I create a promo code?

Christopher admin supporter posted Sep 21, 2022