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smbhax posted Nov 24, 2019

Release manager says page is missing frames, but it has one

The release manager is telling me this page of mine is missing frames

but it has a frame, pretty much exactly like my other pages, which the manager is okay with. I can't tell what's wrong with the frame on this one, it looks pretty normal as far as I can see.

Christopher admin posted Nov 25, 2019

The aggregation of all the pages being with frames to the release  level got out of sync. I've added a few checks to re-syncronize this aggregation when you enter the edit release page. In the future, that page will resolve any desync issues that might have until I can trace down exactly how you ended up in this state (shouldn't be possible) :O

smbhax posted Nov 25, 2019

I think I might have published a bunch of pages without frames, then went back and added them.

Christopher admin posted Apr 1, 2020

@ToDiaspora your comic actually does not have any frames set up. This is the interactive panel-to-panel tool that allows reader to go frame to frame.

Click "Edit" on the page in the release manager to set them up.

Jeve-and-Steve posted Apr 25, 2020

How do you prepare frames? Can you do it in the site? or do you have to use Photoshop? Something else? 

Christopher admin posted Apr 25, 2020

Click "edit" on the page to enter the editor. Set up frames around your panels there.

Jeve-and-Steve posted Apr 25, 2020

thank you Nimloth