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posted Mar 8, 2018

A few Suggestions.

 Hey guys, I really love the site so far and I plan on making it the home for when I launch my own series. And I have just a couple of suggestions that I feel might improve the experience for others and myself.

1. linking your forum account with your comics, (I have seen this already had been mentioned). It just makes sense when you see someone on the forums that your able to click their name and browse their work. Instead of having to search the website for them.

2. I really love how you can follow Users on here compared to just comics, its almost like subscribing to a youtuber or something (really cool dont change it!) But I think it would help if you could maybe bookmark certain series that you wish to keep an eye on or something similar. 

3. Its great that you have a forum considering how uncommon it is. But I think it may need a update, cause right now I have to click a thread and then scroll to the point I last left off. Most forums save or book mark your spot for you and it would make the experience much smoother if here did the same.

Well thats all from me, hope this helps.


Nimloth admin supporter posted Mar 9, 2018

Hi @EntropicalForest!

We're happy to have you here! Welcome to GC :) Let me follow up on the 3 suggestions.

1) Agreed. We'll find a way to do this relatively soon. Probably in the form of improving the hover-card on users to include the other relevant information.

2) You can do this actually. Enable alerts on a comic page, and then it will show up in your comic list https://globalcomix.com/u/nimloth/favorites, and in website and email notifications (for new releases) :)

3) Yeah, agreed. We have that feature hidden without a UI, it's about time we bring it into the thread listing view also :)