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A few Suggestions.
 Hey guys, I really love the site so far and I plan on making it the home for when I launch my own series. And I have just a couple of suggestions that I feel might improve the experience for others and myself.

1. linking your forum account with your comics, (I have seen this already had been mentioned). It just...
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Hi! I'm Niah. I make weird stuff about normal stuff and now I'm posting it here. www.patreon.com/NiahMakesStuff

Vanja Utne (Cheese Pirate Comics)

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Silly little stick figure comics, not much text.

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Arushi Raj

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Professional couch potato who occasionally writes poetry comics, novels and blogs about pop culture.

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Call me Valentine

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All I want to do is tell stories. (I will think of something clever to write soon)

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I like jazz, noir, and pants.

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Funny (sort of) comics Intellect drawer Illustrator Youtuber Happy reading. Love and peace! Take care.

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