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AwesomeFeelsMan posted Feb 19, 2018

A Schedule option?

Hey there, I just created an account and have yet to understand the user interface, I'll be uploading very soon, a scheduling option for a series would be nice so we could provide our followers a good stream of content for them to look forward to every week.

Christopher admin posted Feb 19, 2018

Hi there @AwesomeFeelsMan.

Welcome to GlobalComix!

A scheduling option is something we've considered, just not yet tackled for a few reasons, one being that if the release schedule is something like weekly, manually posting is "ok enough accuracy" for now. That said, we definitely want to make this a feature that you can use at some point in the future. I just can't say for sure exactly when we'll prioritize it :)

For now, the best bet is to keep an eye out on our blog (linked in footer) or your home feed for new announcements w.r.t feature requests/fixes. I'll also make it a point to respond to you here when we get around to it.



AwesomeFeelsMan posted Feb 19, 2018

I see, okay then, I like the site ^^ I found it from someone who referred to it in our forums. Hoping for the best that you guys have a successful launch after the beta.

Delphonse posted Feb 20, 2018

I second the idea for scheduling a post. I have only seen it on one place and I wished it was on more so I could get it all preped ahead of time. it does not take long to manually post something but automation is always helpful for people who are busy.

CronaJ posted Feb 20, 2018

I third it. As a continuation of what @Delphonse said, as someone who works during the week, it is difficult to post at the proper time.

Christopher admin posted Feb 20, 2018

Seems this has some traction. I'll put it on our list of things to discuss next time we review what to prioritize next :)