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How to Make Comics and Manga

Comic - Education

In depth tutorial series that covers topics for new and advanced creators alike! Learn everything from planning to drawing to scanning and editing and printing!

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re: Hey just joined heard about this site from a thread on Tapastic.

looks like we're all Tapastic people here, that's awesome :D

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Plain and Awesome

Comic - Comedy

First time here, hi there! I make slice of life comedy strips. gonna be experiment here for a while though. Will be uploading soon. My normal everyday life and all things plain and awesome. Have fun reading.

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re: A Schedule option?

I see, okay then, I like the site ^^ I found it from someone who referred to it in our forums. Hoping for the best that you guys have a successful launch after the beta.

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A Schedule option?
Hey there, I just created an account and have yet to understand the user interface, I'll be uploading very soon, a scheduling option for a series would be nice so we could provide our followers a good stream of content for them to look forward to every week.