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Uncanny Yarns

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Dark historical fantasy with LGBT+ themes. Current project is DO WE HAVE A CONTRACT?, a WWII story about survival, trauma, and demons. Uncanny Yarns is the work of one guy, written, drawn, and lettered. Bringing bizarre and obscure entertainment to bizarre and obscure individuals. [email protected]

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Storyteller trying to throw my stuff out into the void

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The Angel Professor

Graphic Novel - Fantasy

Professor Joan's school is destroyed when she comes into possession of a myserious sceptre. That's when Yakob-- a reluctant guardian angel comes into the picture and reveals the unseen realm. The Angel Professor is a dark fantasy webcomic rated T. (Warning for fantasy violence, occasional strong language, depictions of mental illness and suicidal thinking; and implied domestic abuse).

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American Prince

Comic - Drama

Boy Raleigh meets Ghoul Malachy and strike up a unique passionate relationship in this LGBTQA ‘Vamp-Opera’ set in an alternative 21st century Las Vegas. As the saying goes whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

SFE replied in Learn To Draw 5 months ago

re: What part of comic/manga making do you want to learn about the most?

i think lettering is a skill everyone could stand to learn more about - it can really make or break the presentation of a comic.

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re: What are your 2022 goals?

i hope to have enough buffer for Souls Foreclosed at the end of the year to complete Chapter 9 - dont wanna have to work on it over the holidays tbh. also having my wife properly settled in here would be nice but i dont exactly control the speed at which bureaucracy works.

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Out Of My Book

Graphic Novel - Drama

Out Of My Book is a webcomic based on a 70s glam rock roleplay gone awry by friends for friends about enemies. 1975, Venice Beach, California. The bands are jamming, the groupies are flocking to the vocalist, and there's an asshole poet causing problems for everyone in the vicinity.

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Young Lose Inc

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not acually any kind of corporation just a collective name of the roleplay group that spawned this comic. Mirrors full chapters from Tapas/ComicFury

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Brendan Albetski

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Brendan (he/him) lives in New England in the USA. He draws a lot of pictures and sometimes writes words to go with them.

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re: What does "ultimate success" mean to you?

yea im gonna go with what @daisam said

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re: Introduce Your Comic and You!

Hi there, ive been sent here by my friends on ONTENTERHOOK! i couldnt find any information on how to embed links in forum posts here, so the link will look a little wonky...

1. Sev Wildfang
2. Souls Foreclosed
4. "Satan recruits 2 queer demons to wipe the floor with soul-stealing...

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Lord Vermin

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Hounds Smoke

Comic - Thriller

A light-hearted cosmic horror set in an industrial 19th century fantasy The world was introduced to Gates, portals to another world. Now 30 years later anomalies and strange events are remerging. Elizabeth Florence gets roped into investigating these events and the cults behind them all while trying to avoid the ships less-than-human Captain.