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RicardoCabrera posted Jan 4, 2018


Hey guys, i found something that i want to know if is just me or is because the site works in that way. When i click de notification icon, i can see every post that i need to check, but i already read a few of them, so, ¿can you change the color of the notifition that is already read?. May be put something more darker to identify which one is already read and the others with a different color. What do you think?

Nimloth admin posted Jan 4, 2018

@RicardoCabrera ah -- that's a bug. I'll work a fix on that shortly :) 

There's actually a different color for completely unread, but the issue is that one of the "grouped" notifications (and 1 other...) isn't getting flagged as read properly.

Thanks for reporting!

Nimloth admin posted Jan 5, 2018

@RicardoCabrera in the mean time, you can use "mark all as read" to fix it :-)

RicardoCabrera posted Jan 5, 2018

yeah, i used it to "clean" the notification. Thanks again @Nimloth . BTW, can you make something like twitter do when you write the name of a user? (like, if i write "nim", your name and others appear so i can select it from the "dropbox"). I don't know if you can understand that XD

Nimloth admin posted Jan 6, 2018

@RicardoCabrera yeah we want to have a typeahead component for forums and comments soon enough, just isn't top priority right now :-)

Currently working to wrap up paid content access & licensing.

RicardoCabrera posted Jan 7, 2018

thanks :)

smbhax posted Dec 20, 2019

Read vs unread notifications are a different color in the Notifications list now, but the color difference is perhaps overly subtle--I had to look hard to spot the one unread notification in this list:

Nimloth admin posted Dec 20, 2019

They've been different the entire time, but perhaps the delta is indeed too subtle. I'll update.