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mpsychic-witch posted Nov 21, 2022

Missing pages?

Its saying missing 29 pages or whatever there's more than 17 pages so what's the issue oh are we getting paid because I heard there's an issue or at least was back in April of 2022

Christopher admin supporter posted Nov 22, 2022

I honestly have no idea what you're asking about... could you try again with a bit more explanation and context?

mpsychic-witch posted Nov 22, 2022

There's a message saying I'm missing 29 pages yet I have the required page count

cantrell posted Nov 23, 2022

@Christopher Maybe they're talking about the message that warns you about missing frames for interactive mode? If not, I'm stumped.

mpsychic-witch posted Nov 23, 2022

Yes its saying that

ArtCrumbs admin supporter posted Nov 29, 2022

Hi @mpsychic-witch ! The error is to let you know that your pages are not enabled for the interactive reader for readers to be able to read panel to panel. This is entirely optional, and you do not have to add any frames to be able to publish your comic. It's simply an option that we give to our creators.

It's mostly valuable to traditional form comics that have smaller text to make reading on mobile easier. Feel free to disregard that message and thank you for reaching out.

mpsychic-witch posted Nov 30, 2022

How can I make money on here?

ArtCrumbs admin supporter posted Nov 30, 2022

@mpsychic-witch So there are a few options for income here on GlobalComix:

1. PDF Sales : You are able to set up your page format release for download! In your creator Profile settings you can set a price for each release. All releases will be downloaded as a PDF as is, so be sure if you enable this option the pages you've uploaded are of an appropriate quality for readers to purchase.

2. Paid Page reads: With this option, you are able to charge per page. With this enabled, readers will need a GlobalComix Gold subscription to be able to read the pages you have marked as paid. You are able to customize which pages are free and which are paid in every single release or set a default. We usually recommend at least 5 to 10 pages for free depending on the size of the book, release or series. If you are interested in this option, let me know how large you expect your releases to be and I can give you a more accurate suggestion.

3. Donation / Super Fan: This option allows you to post pages in advanced for those who have donated to you in the last 30days to be able to read ahead! When you publish a release as an early access release, you are able to set the time it is available for donators, up to 14 days/2 weeks. After whatever that time period is over, it will default to free or paid, whichever you set up previously as the default for your comic.

To actually get paid, you'll need to update your payout settings with Stripe or Paypal. I would recommend Stripe as it is a direct download and costs less percent wise. So you'll get to keep more of it.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have more questions. : )

mpsychic-witch posted Nov 30, 2022

Um I plan to work on a net spend card can stripe do that?

ArtCrumbs admin supporter posted Dec 1, 2022

@mpsychic-witch If the net spend card works like a debit card, you might be able to connect it. However, you'll have to check with your card provider. There should be a number you can call for help or webpage that you can go to, to check for compatibility.

Christopher admin supporter posted Dec 1, 2022

Stripe should only let you use cards it can pay to- it’s safe to test!