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DevonTTC posted Sep 4, 2022

Editor cannot add frames on apple devices

Similar to the issue with the floating header,
the button for Add frames is not available on apple devices.
I had to use a windows laptop and use the keyboard.

should I buy an iPad keyboard? 
that won’t help the floating header issue!

Christopher admin supporter posted Sep 12, 2022

Ah - that shouldn't be showing on the creator editor mode. Press 'F' to add frames as keyboard shortcut while I fix the display issue.

N81Drmn posted Sep 14, 2022

Pressing 'F' to add frames doesn't work for this Mac Laptop user either.  I would really like to upload and begin distributing Wunderman Comics' current catalog (74 issues) soon, but until this issue is solved...

Christopher admin supporter posted Sep 16, 2022

I've disabled the ribbon when you load the editor from the release edit screen - this should now be fixed!

N81Drmn posted Sep 21, 2022

It is fixed partially (at least on my end). It is necessary for me to frame each page individually, and switching to a Windows laptop solely for that function. Needless to write, this will make uploading the remaining 71 issues (encompassing a page count in the high three figures) of Wunderman Comics' current in-release catalogue a fairly drudge ridden task.

Christopher admin supporter posted Sep 21, 2022

@N81Drmn the process is optional - you can totally skip this and return to it at any time even after publishing!