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MK-Wizard posted Sep 6, 2018

Hello there

Hi, I am MK_Wizard though you may call me Mary. I heard about this place through Tapas and decided to join because it's always good to have mirrors and to broaden your audience. So far, this looks like a nice and up and coming place.

Christopher admin supporter posted Nov 2, 2019

Late reply, but welcome here! :D

MK-Wizard posted Nov 4, 2019

Hi. This is actually my second time here.

MK-Wizard posted Nov 5, 2019

It isn't hard, but it does take time and organisation. Also, GlobalComix is a bit different so I have to work differently. And no, I don't do the same pages for all sites. On my main site, I one page ahead of the others.

Christopher admin supporter posted Nov 5, 2019

Well then, welcome back MK-Wizard you should be :)

Outta curiosity, what's the main differences that means you have to work differently?

Secondly, @PAF welcome! :D 

MK-Wizard posted Feb 17, 2020

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I wanted to let people know that you can read some chapters well in advance for a small fee. They become free once they are free to read entirely on the main site, but if you can't wait that long, you can look ahead.