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Silae replied in Bug Reporting 4 weeks ago

re: Malformed URLs in RSS feed

@Christopher quite impressed that the fix time was so short and not a month waiting, great job!
Be careful I might get unrealistic expectations :P

Silae started a discussion in Bug Reporting 4 weeks ago
Malformed URLs in RSS feed
The RSS feed from Lost Souls is giving out malformed URLs:
             Lost souls | Recent Releases                https://globalcomix.com
Silae favorited Lost souls 4 weeks ago
Lost souls

Graphic Novel - Fantasy

Follow the journey of two Lost Souls, one a lab experiment that has only recently tasted freedom, the other a mysterious girl hiding from the world with only spirits for company. Watch how their fates collide and their primal natures clash against one another all the while the lab tries to claim back what it's lost.