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re: Some thoughts on how to best use GlobalComix during the startup phase.

Why are you here?

Because it is a new site and I'm curious as to how it will go.  I've never been front line with a new site like this before and usually people who are first on the ground tend to understand the site better and are able to benefit from its growth.  Also, their monetization efforts. I think more creators should...

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re: What does "ultimate success" mean to you?

If I can make a living, do some traveling, and live abroad for a month or two (modestly) for some time just off of my novels and comics, I would consider myself successful. 

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Tales of Heaven

Manga - Romance

A story of god and his angels.

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Can't upload pages
I'm having issues uploading pages/releases to my comic. I tried drag and drop and going into the folder and neither works. It goes through the upload but then nothing else happens, like it cuts off at the end of the upload. 
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re: Hey just joined heard about this site from a thread on Tapastic.

Came from Tapas as well. So far I really like this site. Still learning how everything goes. 

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Manga - Romance

The adventures of Liz, a cute talented tailor and his servant, Bennett, a most advanced android who travel between worlds.