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Starrymaej posted Oct 24, 2022

How do your upload images on a thread?

Hi, I wanted to upload a page of my comic on a general discussion thread but have no idea how.

I tried to copy and paste the image to no avail, and there is no insert image option if you're not the creator of the

thread.  but even when I'm the thread creator all of the Images I tried to  upload get the invalid URL prompt...I've

seen others do this successfully so I know it's possible but it seems to be unintuitive.

any help is appreciated thanks.

cantrell posted Oct 25, 2022

I've not had much luck at this either. Would be curious to know as well.

Gearpunk posted Oct 27, 2022

Haha following this because I have no idea how to use this forum site either and would also like to know!

Christopher admin supporter posted Oct 28, 2022

We don't yet have tooling to upload images to forum threads, but you can embed images hosted elsewhere using BBCode in the start of a thread!

Starrymaej posted Oct 29, 2022

But in the thread titled "Introduce Your Comic and You!" several commentators included images in their text post. I just want to know how did they do that?

Christopher admin supporter posted Oct 29, 2022

@Starrymaej We used to have an editor on replies that would allow it, but there were so many bugs with it that we removed it for the time being. Technically, BBCode is still possible to use if you type it out, but that's not really a great suggestion for people to need to learn.

Forum UX fixes are on our list of things to fix at some point!

Starrymaej posted Oct 29, 2022

can't wait for the fixes, and thank you for the info Chris!