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sekallman posted Oct 18, 2022

Hi...very new here, but comics are amazing and just stories in general

That's it...I'm just saying hi because'd be redundant to say what I've been doing again. I also just released some of my story...literally so happy! What stories first inspired you to create stories?

Wirecats posted Oct 30, 2022

Calvin & Hobbes as a small child, X-Men in middle school, Preacher in High School, and Metal Gear Solid as an adult, to name a few

Red22Studios posted Oct 31, 2022

story wise, the cartoons I watched. I always had an imagination. I remember a class in 6th grade we were tasked with creating a new form of transportation. I created wings. I even once created a guy with sword hands LOL.

ArtCrumbs admin supporter posted Nov 14, 2022

Ooh fun question! I enjoyed Fullmetal Alchemist, InuYasha, Mushishi, and Avatar the Last Airbender.

ldozois posted Nov 16, 2022

Lots of influence from 90's manga and anime, especially romcoms.

ArtCrumbs admin supporter posted Nov 16, 2022

@Idozois 90's anime (and 80's) was SO awesome.

ldozois posted Nov 17, 2022

Heck ya!

JanneKarneus posted Nov 18, 2022


I'm usually inspired by anything

My main story series Story of the Professional was inspired by stuff like Kill Bill, Final Fantasy 7, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Enter the Dragon