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Traynumba3 posted Jun 26, 2020

PHANTOM by traynumba3

Hello GlobalComix community. Recently I have released 6 chapters of my original comic (in the style of a manga) Called PHANTOM BY TRAYNUMBA3. I created this comic because I wanted to combined the best of Anime/Shonen Manga Genre and Black/Hip/Urban Culture. Action, Tension and Fantasy from Anime/Manga combined with Humor, Politics and Realism from Black/Urban/Hip culture. For example if you're a fan of THE BOONDOCKS, OR DRAGON BALL, you will definitely get a feel for this comic. by the wat the first 2 chapters were rust so its kinda sloppy. have a great one guys

Christopher admin posted Jun 29, 2020

Oh cool -- welcome @Traynumba3

Btw -- your avatar is empty -- just figured to point out since you're active on the forums!