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Henscratch posted Mar 1, 2018

Lettering. The overlooked art of making sure nobody notices.

Face it, lettering is NOT as easy as you think it is. 

Just one little thing off, one balloon out of place, and it won't matter if you're Da Vinci, it'll throw the reader out of your story... hard.

So how to do it so no one notices?

Nate Piekos has figured it out and made tutorials.  Go find them at  He's been putting the best lettering advice in the industry on his site for free for the better part of a decade, and it's a damn shame when a good comic is ruined 'cause the creator didn't know any better.  Now you have no excuse.  :D

Happy comic-ing!

tdegard posted May 11, 2020

Good to know, lettering and it's placement  is often overlooked, gonna check out. Richard Friend has a Youtube site and he goes into lettering in his reviews. Thanks for posting.

cdarensbourg posted Aug 20, 2020

Thanks, I didn’t know about any other source than “Comic Book Lettering the Comic Craft Way” by Roshell which I snagged off of Kindle.  Calligraphy — in modern day industry — is especially underrated.  Fortunately, there’s an online section called “” with  thousands of styles to draw ideas from or invest in — and from there is is a short leap to the computer programs needed to create your own (though be prepared for sticker shock if you want the best — which I think should be vector-scalable for what I last saw it priced as!)

AG-Meade posted Aug 26, 2020

I'm not sure how helpful this is, but "Calligraphr" is a way to digitize your own handwriting/lettering into a font you can use wherever you want. It takes some trial and error to get everything set properly, but it seems like it will ultimately be a timesaver - especially useful in large-scale projects!

Quoth143 posted Jan 26, 2021

My lettering is off, definitely going to Blambot for help.