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Haunted Pixel Studio

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Independent creator of original comics for over 20 years. Home of cult classics like The Asylumantics™, The Deadlys™, Necroblivion™ and more!

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My name is Birdy, and I'm a digital artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. I work primarily using the art program Procreate, and I enjoy creating a visual style that evokes classic paintings, old photographs, and old advertisements from as far back as the early 1900s, to as recently as the 1980s and 90s. I also have a particular interest in clothing design and historical fashion, as it pertains to

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The Angel Professor

Graphic Novel - Fantasy

Professor Joan's school is destroyed when she comes into possession of a myserious sceptre. That's when Yakob-- a reluctant guardian angel comes into the picture and reveals the unseen realm. The Angel Professor is a dark fantasy webcomic rated T. (Warning for fantasy violence, occasional strong language, depictions of mental illness and implied domestic abuse).

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Comic - Crime

No matter how much detective Passeri hates her old high school, she has to return there. A murder happened in the St. Caladria Academy for Talented Girls, and Passeri has to solve it whether she wants it or not. And maybe she will fight one or two of her inner demons along the way

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Very Gay Comics

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A pair of comic and animation loving creators. One does the art; the other does the writing. Together, we want to bring back daily comics like you were reading them out of the funny section of the newspapers but in a fully unique way!

Path of Life and Stone

Comic - Action

The King's garden is closed to all, protected by an enchanted gate, but this is not enough to stop the young Amelia, in search of knowledge...

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Creator of Division 5. I like to draw a fancy hat scientist and a badass huntress doing questionable things together.

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Red22 Studios

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Kamourian King

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I'm a metal loving, super nerdy, bad ass single mom. I love dark fantasy and dream of a day to make my name known. I love meting and supporting fellow comic creators. I draw hot, muscular, sometimes naked, men. YOU HAVE BEEN WARRNED lol You may call me "Kamouri", "Kammy", or "Kam'. Pronouns: She/They

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Team Diamant Comics

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Singular name for a art partnership. We make comics!

Kleo of the Streets: Maiden Love Chord

Manga - Drama

Kleo has returned to New York City looking to resume a normal life and love. But will something from her recent past get in the way of a happily ever after? Final Season :o Written and created by Vember Judgement, illustrated and lettered by Sander Tulk.

Once Upon A Time In Xanatopia

Comic - Fantasy

Xanatopia, a world of magic, science, monsters, skee ball, waffles, and emojis. Once Upon A Time In Xanatopia follows the PALADIN, Nora... a light magic practitioner with cybernetic legs as she begins her path towards her destiny... for better or for worse.

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Benalee Books

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I just wanna make cool comics with cool people. My influences are all over the place. Horror. Humor. Sci-Fi. Classic Capes. I hope to bring it all here for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for checking out Benalee Books and happy reading.

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Hey, Everyone! I am Trevor Greer the creator/writer of the newly released ongoing comic series, Mage: The Society. I have always loved writing, particularly heroes, my favorite is Superman. I can't draw worth anything so releases may be slower than you used to but all money made from the comic goes righ back into the creation of it.

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Cave Comics and Art

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Drawing fun manga-style webcomics about aliens, fantasy, and romance.

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Comic - History

In 1907, the midst of Belle Époque Paris, a mysterious automaton falls into the hands of lonely watch repairman Stuart Lefebvre. It soon becomes clear that there’s more to the famed Dancing Doll than mere gears, and strange events lead him to question just what exactly he’s stumbled upon. Updates every other Sunday, with exceptions here and there! Find me on tumblr @birdy-the-artist and Twitter, @birdytheartist

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Mage: The Society

Comic - Fantasy

Mage: The Society is an ongoing fantasy action series following young orphan, Fay Morgan, as she discovers what it truly means to be a mage. Secrets of The Society unravel as she learns more and more about the people around her. #MageUniverse