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Ravenwritindesk favorited Blue Remedy 1 week ago
Blue Remedy

WebComic - Drama

Nick and Friday, best friends and roommates in The City (based off NYC and Philadelphia) are doing their best to find happiness in their daily lives. They finally manage to put together something they can live with when a new person comes crashing into their lives like a meteor- breaking everything they worked so hard to build. Sometimes it takes breaking everything down to build it back better...or, it may be left in ruins.

Ravenwritindesk favorited Awesoman 2 weeks ago

Comic - Sci-Fi

Content with mediocrity in an increasingly automated society, Guy Everyman's life is forever transformed one day walking home from work. A hero, Awesoman is born, through forces beyond Guy's control, he is now a super powered being, and must adjust to this drastic change in his reality.

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Bilvy Jay Lee

Followers: 26

My name is Bilvy and I'm a 28 year old Australian freelancer (he/they). I love writing morally twisted LGBT+ characters and drawing boys kissing. I studied game design at university, and have gone on to work as a freelance illustrator with a focus on emote art and graphic novels. My Patreon page is updated weekly with art and comics exclusive to my subscribers!

Ravenwritindesk favorited Silently 1 month ago

Graphic Novel - Horror

Two woman struggle to survive in a strange monster filled world.

Demon Bitch - The Webcomic!

WebComic - Comedy

She's a low-level demon from the 13th pit of Hell where people throw their dog shit and gum wrappers! She wants to bring the Second Coming of Armageddon, but the first one never happened because she's a fucking idiot. Here's her stupid webcomic to start the day off.

Ravenwritindesk favorited Chasing the Dragon 1 month ago
Chasing the Dragon

Comic - Sci-Fi

"In Chasing the Dragon, New York Times Bestselling writer Denton J. Tipton and acclaimed painter menton3 explore a dark fantasy world ravaged by the rampant abuse of a drug made from the blood of dragons.

Ravenwritindesk favorited Sporkman To The Rescue 1 month ago
Sporkman To The Rescue

Comic - Action

Sporkman ash can where Sporkman just being a hero!

The Adventures of Captain Orange

Comic - Sci-Fi

It's a scifi-adventure comic set in a futuristic Galaxy with planet-hopping ships. Characters Captain Orange travels through Space in his Güd Ship while doing odd jobs for astro-colonies on varying planets. Boldour-Fisk is the 'bot developed to ensure the safety and well-being of all crew members of the Güd Ship. Lucky Star is the Güd Ship's mechanic.

Path of the Pale Rider - Issue 1

Comic - Action

Follow Jude St. Clair through the apocalypse as he tries to survive long enough to find the answer to the question: Why do the DEAD no longer DIE? Also… Undead Bear. Don’t miss the end.

The Misadventures Of Misfit And Mieko

WebComic - Fantasy

Misfit is an ill-fated black cat cursed with bad luck. His best friend, Mieko, is a beckoning cat blessed with good fortune by the seven spirits of luck. Journey with them through the seven kingdoms of Misako as they try to remove the curse and search for the mysterious Torii gates. Beyond the gates lies the realm of spirits and monsters in which the seven dwell. Posted on Fridays at 10AM CST.

Ravenwritindesk favorited TEN 3 months ago

Comic - Action

When visitors from another world give amazing powers to ten people chosen to represent humanity, everything changes. Five years later, the TEN have become heroes, villains, vigilantes, cult leaders, political leaders, living weapons, and so much more. See how they've changed the world.

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Kid Intense

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Kamourian King

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I'm Kam, a metal-loving, super nerdy, bad-ass single mom. I love dark fantasy and dream of a day to make my name known. Currently working on a dark fantasy comic called Regnum Antiquum, "Ancient Realm". I love meeting and supporting fellow comic creators. I draw hot, muscular, sometimes naked, men. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Pronouns: She/They

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Art Crumbs

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~ Creator of the Godsbane and Onami ~ Community Staff here on GlobalComix

Ravenwritindesk replied in Help & Support 5 months ago

re: Superfan confusion

Thanks guys. I appreciate the clarification.

Ravenwritindesk replied in Help & Support 5 months ago

re: Superfan confusion

I actually ended up deleting and reposting the comic without the the superfan two day pay wall. I think maybe I just misunderstood the way superfan works. If I want free to everyone on Wednesday with a two day superfan pay wall, do I make the release date Monday?

Ravenwritindesk started a discussion in Help & Support 5 months ago
Superfan confusion
Hey guys. First off thanks for a great platform. I'm a little confused about how the super fan thing works. I set it for two days on a comic I have set to release Wednesdays. My assumption was super fans could read Monday and everyone else Wednesday. I went to promote the new comic today and it says it's still behind...
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Kingdom Comics

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Kingdom Comics is a Faith-based comic book publishing company.

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Arcana Comics

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Arcana Comics has over 5,000 characters that transcend gender, age, and cultural and geographic boundaries. Arcana owns one of the world’s largest libraries of graphic novels. In 2012, Arcana opened an animation division to develop and produce it’s content for all platforms including film, television, direct-to-home and digital media.

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Red 5 Comics

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Red 5 Comics creates and produces cinematic-style comic book entertainment. It earned the 2007 Gem Award for Best New Publisher and its titles have been nominated for three Eisner Awards and two Harvey Awards. It was founded by Paul Ens, former Director of Lucasfilm’s Lucas Online, and Scott Chitwood, co-founder of and writer for and ComingSoon.Net.

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AWA Studios

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Where the best creators do their best work, for you.