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The Lump Sum Saga

Comic - Sci-Fi

Two species; one mission - to plant a landing beacon that will guide the fleet to a rallying point on a new world full of hope and opportunity. The Commander and her crew soon discover that “habitable” is a biological two-edged sword. Prologue: Only the Fate of Our World introduces The Lump Sum Saga. It’s Redwall meets The Martian with a Twilight Zone twist.

Resilience: Creators Against COVID

Comic - Slice of Life

Resilience: Creators Against COVID is a digital anthology designed to give comic creators a chance to provide support to their community. We have teamed up with an amazing team of creators to tell stories of perseverance and hope. 100% of the subscription revenue for Resilience will go straight to the creators to donate to their causes. GlobalComix will not make any money from this comic.

Ghost Child • 祟り神の子供

Manga - Fantasy

Aros pays the God of the Dead, to revive Fahle, a woman who never loved him back! However, the price Aros must pay is to help unleash the apocalypse! Meanwhile, a small bird pursues the accused murderer of Fahle for justice. Does he have the right monster?

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Broken Gargoyles

Comic - Sci-Fi

In this Dieselpunk post-WWI mini-series, two men come home from the war scarred and forgotten. One man is looking for redemption as the other looks for revenge. Both are on a collision course toward each other and nothing can stop them.

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The Rift

Comic - Sci-Fi

Presented by Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner, The Rift tells the story of a single mother and her son whose lives change forever after witnessing a WWII fighter pilot from 1941 crash land in present-day Kansas. They find themselves drawn into the work of Section 47, a secret government organization responsible for responding to Rifts that open in space and time.